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The Ghost of Hickam AFB

Kristen, OR, USA
March 2005

These series of events happened to me while I was stationed at Hickam AFB which is right next to Pearl Harbor and I’m sure you know has a lot of history behind it.

I hadn’t been stationed there for very long and I had just gotten out of basic and Tech school so I was still kind of learning the ropes. Well the Commander’s secretary had to leave for an appointment and asked me if I would sit outside the office and answer phones for her and take messages. Well of course I said "yes" so I sat down. It was so silent in the office it gave me the creeps just to sit there with no one around. Well I was sitting there patiently waiting for the Commander or the phones to ring when I started to hear someone pass back and forth from the Deputy Commander’s office, past my desk, and into the Commander’s office. At first I thought it was the people upstairs but then the weirdest thing was if you got up and started to walk across the room the footsteps would stop until you passed then started passing again once you passed a certain place in the office. So I knew it couldn't be upstairs, the timing was just to perfect every time. You could take a step and as soon as you did the "Pacer" would stop walking.

My supervisor at the time and I went in one Saturday to work on some things and catch up on paperwork. On Saturdays there is no one in the building with the exception of Security Forces and some computer people that have to work then. This might not seem like much but I’m going to tell it anyway.

Well we walked in, had our IDs checked, the usual stuff, and went to the second floor where our office is. I clearly remember leaving the door to the hallway wide open. After we had done all the things we needed to do we walked towards the door and it was shut. Now mind you no one else was on that floor. It was quiet and everything was still expected for the both of us. Anyway there’s a story behind all of this apparently a few years back some guy committed suicide because his wife had left him and he was broken hearted. He jumped off the top of the building I worked at one day, and I guess he’s still here wandering around.

Like I said it wasn’t much but still odd just the same.

A few months later my friends and I went to a cemetery and I met a little boy there who’s name was Lynn. He was very sweet but extremely sad and yes he is a ghost. His tombstone had fallen completely over and was broken straight down the middle into two pieces. Well before we left I had to stop by his grave once more just to say bye and I got this overwhelming feeling of sadness and complete loneliness. I almost broke down and started crying but I held back until we got in the car and I could still tell he was with me. I knew he was sitting on my lap and he kept asking me for a hug?.how I knew this I’m not sure but my friends tell me its because I’m a Precog. (A Precog is someone who gets visions about things that have happened or are going to happen at some point in time all that happens either through dreams or mental imagery like you’ll get a flash of a scene in your head). Well we had been driving for about 15 minutes when I just stared bawling and I remember I kept saying "its not fair?.no one should feel like that". I’ve always been in touch with how other people feel. I can feel all their emotions just by walking by them on a street corner or sitting next to them on a bus.

Another event that happened also involved Lynn. It happened one night when I was about to fall asleep I had this feeling that something bad was happening somewhere. I kept getting flashes of a demon or some kind of creature I had never seen before. I was in bed with my girlfriend and she senses ghosts more often then I do and at a stronger frequency than me. I remember trying sleeping on my right side with my left arm sticking out of the blanket when suddenly I felt someone gently grab my wrist so I opened my eyes just a little and my arm was lifted off my pillow and moved about 3 inches from where it had been. That didn’t scare me because I knew who it was. It was the kid. I call Lynn "the kid" because at first we didn’t know his name so we just called him "the kid".

That night I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept getting flashes of that creature and I felt complete fear?.fear like I had never felt. Fear like someone or something was chasing me but I knew I wasn’t being chased. I knew I was at home in bed.

So there are some of the experiences that I’ve had. You can believe them or not it’s up to you.

Kristen, OR, USA
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