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The Ghosts at Chashtown Inn

Amy, OH, USA
October 2002

My husband at the time (we are divorced now) went to visit Gettysburg, PA. I love American Civil War stuff, so we went to stay at Cashtown Inn.

We were the first to arrive. If anyone has stayed at a B&B they know that they have journals in the rooms, so you can read what other people have experienced.

I was reading them aloud when I noticed that my husband was snoring on the bed, so I decided to read to myself. Nature called and I took the book in with me to the bathroom when all of a sudden my ex says to me "Amy if you didn't want me to sleep you could have told me instead of counting". I said "what are you talking about I'm reading, I cant read and count at the same time. I'm not that multi-talented."

So we had a tiff for a while. I just said "whatever" and let it go. Then when I came out he said it started in again. He said it felt like someone was holding him down. A knock would sound then a whisper of the number 1, then knock then whisper number 2. It went up to number 7 when he yelled at me, then started in again till I opened the door and it stopped in mid-sentence. He swore it was my voice too. I told him the ghosts here like to play tricks on people.

The story goes back in 1863 the southern army Lee's men stopped over in Cashtown before heading to Gettysburg. Even Lee stopped there. So I have to wonder if some of the men that were killed at Gettysburg just liked Cashtown Inn so much they decided not to leave. The rooms are listed by the famous Generals that stayed there. Cashtown Inn has a bit part in the movie "Gettysburg".

The way I see it 55,000 men died in 3 days. Thats a lot of souls that died young, mostly between the ages of 15-35, too young to have died so young. Maybe they just want to be recognized that they are there. The whole town of Gettysburg is haunted and I want to go back and see more ghosts and history.

I love American history.

Time will tell.

Amy, OH, USA
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