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The Glowing Body

Anonymous, AK, USA
October 2010

I knew it was a dumb idea, but did she care? No. My friend had the idea of going to the abandoned hospital after school; I didn't like it of course, since I am a believer of the paranormal. I phoned my mother telling her I would be exploring the hospital with Sadie. She said ok, but to be careful since she had heard...unusual things about it.
We headed there which was like 2 kilometers from the school. Once we got there, I KNEW something wasn't right, I just couldn't put my finger on it at first. She insisted we go in, I couldn't protest since it would do no good. The outside was creepy enough, but the inside was even scarier! There were spider webs everywhere, the place smelled of dust, old medicines and blood. The lights kept on flickering on and off which scared the cupcakes out of me, but that was nothing compared to what was coming next.
As we went deeper, the lights were brighter, which was odd because the lights were totally busted everywhere. I realized that we weren't getting closer to the light, the light was getting closer to us! I told Sadie that we should beat it before something happens but she just said, "Bala you are such a chicken! There's nothing here!"
I wanted to turn and ditch her, but she'd get back at me some way. So I followed her, my spine was tingling with nervousness. Then, we saw it. It was a stretcher with a body with a blanket on top, but the FACE was showing. It was a teenager's face, all bloody and scorched as it was burned. The nurse pushing the stretcher had tangled brown locks and a horrified look on her face. They were glowing a bright white light.
It was the same light I saw earlier. Then they disappeared. Sadie was dumbstruck for a minute, then she shrieked, grabbed my hand which was like a block of ice from the shock, and made for the door. We raced for my house which was closer and slammed the door. My mother came with a worried look on her face, "Girls what happened?" We told her everything in a rush and collapsed on the floor, tired and shocked.
My mother called Sadie's parents and they forbade her from going there ever again, which was more than fine for her and my parents forbade me too which was excellent in my opinion! We were never able to forget that day, and our story passed in town pretty quickly, and a few people demanded the hospital destroyed. They smashed it a week later, which was great for me and Sadie. I hope you liked this story and it is indeed very true.

Anonymous, AK, USA
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