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The Golden Orb and Other Small Things

February 2003

First, all of these little things happen in one house. If I'm not completely sure if it's paranormal stuff I'll state it. I'm only putting those parts up as I'm not sure if it's my mind or ghosts. Also, none of these are really horrifying so don't expect a great story. I'm just sharing them. These aren't in chronological order.

All right then, my experiences and such. Well, I guess the beginning of these kinds of strange stuff was that I heard voices calling my name and such as a child. It was much more frequent then, and always stopped me. It still goes on, but it's very spread out. I'd say it's my imagination, but I'm not good with voices that I've never heard or picked up, and I haven't ever heard these.

Second(It might just be quite the vivid dream, but I'm slightly doubtful), and the one that sticks out in my mind the most, is a strange golden orb. I've only seen this once in my whole life, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't dreaming as I've spoken again with my mother about this. I don't remember the date, it rarely ever seems important. One day I was just watching TV and waiting for my mom to finish what she was baking. There wasn't nothing else to do so I walked over and watched the oven. As she pulled it open, a small golden orb was on the pan. It quickly began to grow, reflecting slightly, and then popped or disappeared.

Third, are the whisperings in my room. At least, they were there. I never could make them out, but they were there. I'd attribute it to the tree outside and over in the art room, but when it hits brushes the window it's either a loud groan or a sort of sliding scratch.

Fourth, is one time when the printer in the computer room just randomly turned on. It wasn't programmed to, I didn't hit the print button, but it did.

Fifth, and the most recent, is my speakers. I might just be hearing things, but at random times I can hear noises come from them. I never keep any sound programs on besides AIM, and that makes a loud beep. These are soft noises.

Sixth, before the golden orb, is when I got slapped by something or another. I had a friend over in a green chair a ways away from me and my parents were on the couch on the other end. We were watching some ghost things, and I remember feeling something like a slap on my right or left cheek. It left quickly, but startled me.

Seventh, and last on this list, is a strange brush noise. It happened once, and came from the art room. I got up to check if it was my dad painting at night, but it wasn't. The tree didn't seem to be moving, but it might have brushed very lightly against it.

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