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The Green Light

Alexandria Nerdin, Utah, USA
December 2006

My story happened at my grandma’s house. My parents were going through a hard time. It was the time just before they filed for divorce and my mom thought that living with her mom would help her, so that was where we were living. I had to be eight or nine at the time, because I was losing teeth. I slept in the basement in a little nook that was curtained off from my parents’ room. My little sister and I shared a bunk bed. I slept on top because she was just a small girl and we were afraid of her falling. I remember hating the basement in my grandma’s house, and to this day I still do. I hated being there alone, but usually had to be if I wanted something from my "room". Whenever I was alone and I had to go back upstairs, I would run up the stairs as quickly as my legs could carry me. I always got this feeling in the back of my knees and legs and even my lower back. It was as if someone were about to grab me and pull me back into the basement. Anyway, I didn’t like that basement one bit.

The day that my incident happened, I remember that I had just lost one of my teeth and I was excited to put the tooth under my pillow and get some money or a treat from the tooth fairy. After readying for bed and saying goodnight to my family and being tucked in, I put my tooth under my pillow. I’ve had this problem of not being able to sleep very well since as long as I can remember. It comes and goes very spontaneously, but it keeps me up when it does come. I have bursts of energy and can’t sleep a wink.
That night, I was having that problem of not being able to sleep and kept looking out my window for the tooth fairy. Keep in mind that this was a basement window with a window well and everything, making it impossible for light to come in. I was so busy looking out my window that I didn’t see what was about to happen until it was nearly upon me.
This green light was coming towards me, floating in mid air. It was almost a sphere, but not quite. It was glowing faintly with a soft neon green glow.
It floated to the edge of the curtain that separated my room from my parents and hovered there for a second. It wasn't a reflection of any kind and it actually had it's own reflection in the mirror opposite my bed. The light seemed to have it's own substance, as if it were made of light, not simply being shone from somewhere. I have always been keen on fantasy and other such related topics, so my mind was quick to think that this was the tooth fairy come to give me money. I was memorized by the light at first and even felt a touch scared because I had never seen anything like it.
I watched it float softly toward my bed and along the side of the rail that kept me from falling. I quickly closed my eyes as it drew nearer because I knew that the tooth fairy doesn’t give money to children that aren’t asleep and that was the last I saw of it.
I have no idea what this light was. Some might say that it is the result of a child really wanting to see the tooth fairy, but that isn’t so because if I had imagined a tooth fairy up, it would have been one with a pretty sparkly dress with a glittery wand and a beautiful tiara. I’m a princess girl and always have been, so it only makes sense that this is the kind of fairy that I would conjure.
I woke the next day with a tooth still under my pillow and really confused about the green light. I figured that the tooth fairly must’ve known I was awake and decided to pass me by. I now know that parents are really the ones who put money or treats under their child’s pillow and I am still baffled as to what this light was.

Alexandria Nerdin, Utah, USA
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