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The Hanging Woman

Jay, Quebec, Canada
October 2009

I only recently moved to Quebec City and noticed that there was a great deal of paranormal activity here, but none so aggressive than the spirits I encountered in the woods just this evening.

My boyfriend and I like to take walks at night and we decided to walk in the woods. Being sensitive it was normal for me to feel spirits but I felt a warning this time and ignored it.

While walking through the skate park near the trail in the woods we encountered some guys, and I thought perhaps they were what I was warned about, but they simply passed us by.

Once again, at the mouth of the trail, I felt the warning once more but I ignored it even though my boyfriend and I were already feeling panic of some kind. We headed into the forest and suddenly I felt something dark. We stopped and looked around and I saw a light float from the ground into the trees, and with a quick glance I saw a woman hanging from a noose on a tree limb. A second look and she was gone and a voice whispered, 'get out.'

You didn't need to tell us twice, we turned around and left hurriedly, though we were chased by blue faces. They would show up in our peripheral vision and linger.

We're quite sure that we'll never return to those woods, whether in daylight or in the night.

Jay, Quebec, Canada
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