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The Haunted House In My Old Town

Casie, FL, USA
May 2011

I used to visit my aunt and her husband a lot when they lived in a really small and historic town called Edington. Down the road from my aunt's house is a really old home about maybe 100 years old, and it was coming apart, and my aunt told me about the story of the woman who lived in the house.

Some time ago, a woman had three children, and all of them died including the youngest who was an infant. One night when the woman was sleeping her children came to her in a dream and she walked them back to the cemetery she had for them in the back yard. The woman thought it was a dream because she missed her babies, but when she went to get out of bed her feet were muddy. My aunt told me that there are still some of her belongings in there, including a baby carriage that is on wheels. People have seen it on one side of the room and turn away and then they will hear a creaking of rusty wheels and they look over and they see the carriage go to the other side of the room.

I was always skeptical about ghosts, but one night myself, my aunt's husband and his brothers and his family decided to go to the home and see what we can find. When we got up stairs we heard a creak and so my uncle took my hand and led me to the room where we heard it. I shined the flashlight in the far corner of the room and there it was, a faded pink baby carriage and we just stared at to see if something would happen and it creaked and then it came right at us.

Apparently it did not want us in the house. I was a little freaked so I went outside and I tried to start my four-wheeler and then all of a sudden I didn't do anything butt turn it on and it felt like something pushed me off of it and then it pushed me so hard. I landed 3 feet from the cemetery and I just looked up and saw an infant child. She just stared at me, as curious as I am, and she just faded before my eyes and I was in shock. I have never seen anything like that before and it was strange. When we got home I went to take a shower and I looked in the mirror and I noticed two claw marks on my shoulders.

I do not know what to think about my experience, you're skeptical until you come face to face with a ghost.

Casie, FL, USA
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