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The Hill (1)

Alexis Smith, OH, USA
February 2006

In the "town" of Rich Hill there is a cemetery. The reason I say "town" is because everything has been torn down from there ages ago. All that is left there is a few houses, a church, and the cemetery. This cemetery has always had a bad name, because strange things always happen there.

One night a group of friends and myself decided to drive out to the cemetery to see if anything spooky really does go down there. I have a few relatives in Rich Hill, so we parked the cars at their houses and took off for the grounds. Walking up the street we were walking in a line, two people in front of me, myself and my boyfriend, and then my brother and his girlfriend behind me. As usual my eyes searched for the old garage that sat right before the fence for the yard. Upon looking I stopped dead in my tracks and would not move a muscle. Sitting on top of the car in the garage was a pair of red eyes. After noticing where I was looking everyone else looked to see what I was staring at. Once everyone saw it, we took off for the graveyard. Once there we stopped and asked what the heck that was! Deciding we didn't want to go back past it for awhile we started up to the top of the yard. The graveyard is on a hill that goes almost straight up, behind it and to the sides are woods. Once we made it to the top, we started hearing something moving towards us through the back woods. That's when we all booked back to the cars, got in and did not stop again until we were 30 miles away from there.

The reason we were so scared of the sounds through the woods is because of the stories we have heard, and the things we've seen.

First of all, built into the side of the hill is a building were they used to keep the bodies, now it just has the mowers and stuff. So we always just sat on top of it and hung our feet over the front. The top to the ground is about 20 feet. One night my cousin was sitting on top of it looking at all the sites, when he heard the footsteps through the woods. Thinking nothing of it he continued to sit there. A few seconds later, he felt something standing behind him, like staring a hole through him. Before he could turn around he felt pains shoot down his back. He jumped the twenty feet to the bottom and turned around to see what it was. Upon turning around he saw something that had the outline of a man, but looked different. He raced back to his house and when he checked out his back it looked as if something took five knives and ran them down his back.

Other incidents have occured there as well. There used to be a farm behind the graveyard, but all the sheep were slaughtered. I assure you that this story is not made up, they are true events of things that have happened on the hill.

Alexis Smith, OH, USA
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