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The Hiss In The Darkness

April 2006

My experience with a ghost happened at my old house. It was a maroon colored house on the top of an inclined road. This was an ordinary neighborhood. But when I was about eight years old something very strange happened.

My parents always sent me to bed at 8:00p.m. upstairs while they stayed in the basement where they did their work on the computer. I always had a bad feeling when I was up there all alone because everyone in that house had had a strange encounter with something. Such as the time when my mother and step-father were watching television, just out of the corner of their eye they saw a dark figure and when my sister and step-brother heard the door open to a room upstairs when no one was there except them. This was not a draft since the windows were always locked upstairs and our doors were pretty hard to move.

Back to what happened that night....
I had my door open to my room and I could see clearly in the well lighted hallway. But the strange thing is that while I was watching TV it just turned off. And when I looked in the hallway to see if anyone was trying to scare me I noticed the lights were very dim. So I continued to stare to see if anyone would peek around the corner to see if I was scared, but what I saw was a dark figure in a raggedy robe run past my door into my parents' bedroom. I ran to the room to try to catch one of my siblings who I thought was trying to scare me, and to my disbelief I actually saw this thing again, in the corner of that bedroom in the dark. Still thinking it was my brother or sister, I stood in the hallway and told it that I caught it, and that it had scared me. Then this thing gave out a hiss that I will never forget and then started to run at me. I bolted down to my parents to have them protect me and to my shock my step-brother and sister were both down in the living room watching TV when I was running to the basement.

So to this day I will never forget what I saw in that hallway and my parents' room.

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