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The Hotel Room

Elisa, KY, USA
February 2012

Sorry this is a little lengthy but it’s to get all the details in so it all makes sense! This happened about 2 years ago when I was 16 and I’m now 18 but I remember like it was yesterday, it happened to me and my cousin whom I’m extremely close to and consider my older brother, he’s about 6 years older than me.I’ve always believed in the paranormal, but my cousin who was with me did not. Well at least not until that night.

It was around April/May and my cousin, Matt, was done visiting from Ohio for a baseball tournament that was relatively close to where I lived. We had just gotten back from his game and about ready to eat and watch some movies when the house phone rang. The caller ID had said it was from a jail in Georgia. Matt, me and my mom who had now joined us in the kitchen all looked at each other puzzled because we had no relatives in the state of Georgia or knew anyone from there. My mom picked it up regardless and on the other line it was my uncle. He is a truck driver, so he’s always driving from state to state. He also has a huge alcohol problem and that’s why he was in jail. He had got picked up the previous night for a D.U.I. and needed someone to come and get him since the police took his driver’s license and impounded his truck. My mom couldn’t do it because she had other things to do and couldn’t make it. Matt loving an adventure volunteered him and myself to go.

Georgia is about an 8 hour drive from Kentucky and it was about 6 pm before we started out. Of course we got stuck in major traffic and a few areas under construction so the 8 hour ride turned into about a 12-14 hour drive. We had talked and talked about everything since we had all the time in the world and the perfect opportunity for all our dirty little secrets since it was only us. Around 2 am Matt was becoming extremely tired and it became harder for him to drive. I couldn’t drive because my permit only allowed me to do so in the state of Kentucky and I had no experience on the highway so I was terrified anyways. Matt held up until we got to Chattanooga and then we pulled into the hotel where my uncle was staying, being a truck driver his company paid for his hotel room so that’s how he was staying there.

Being so exhausted we said hello and talked for a few minutes, especially about how humid it was that night even inside the room (this will be important later) but then we went straight to bed. My uncle was on the side of the bed nearest to the door to outside, Matt had the side of the bed nearest to the bathroom, while I had the middle. Within minutes we were out. I don’t know how long I was asleep until suddenly I got extremely cold and woke up facing the sink. Every hotel is set up exactly the same, the bed is directly in the middle of the room and to one side there is the sink and to the left/right there’s a closet to hang coats or whatever, and of course the bathroom door. That’s when I noticed something odd.

Being confused as to why it was suddenly so cold when probably not even a hour ago the air was suffocating there standing in the frame of the closet was a huge, tall, extremely dark (the only way I can describe how dark it was is that it was darker than night, yes it’s possible) figure. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, I mean we’ve all seen shadows do that to us when we wake up and focus on something during the night but then I watched it go from closet to the bathroom. Then I realized my eyes were not playing tricks on me and watched the sink area for a bit to see it come back out of the bathroom and disappear into the closet. I had enough, still tired and a little freaked out rolled over to face my uncle.

I drifted back to sleep again and I don’t know how long it was before I suddenly woke up and felt like I was being watched. Forgetting what had happened I rolled on my back to see the dark figure was now at the foot of the bed directly in front of where I laid. Remembering what I had seen early I yanked the covers over my head and just laid there terrified until I fell asleep.

I made it through the rest of the night without anymore experiences and I didn’t say anything to my uncle or Matt when we were getting breakfast, one because Matt didn’t believe in that kind of stuff and would laugh at me and blame it on me being tired and my uncle had stayed in that room numerous times and if something was there he would’ve told us. So we just hit the road to make our way back home.

About halfway there we hit a rest stop to use the bathroom and get some snacks. My uncle was taking forever so it was just me and Matt in the car when I noticed Matt was acting strange. I decided to ask him what was bothering him and without him looking at me he said, "Did you see anything in that room last night?"

My heart skipped a beat. "Like what? Do you mean, like a ghost?"

That’s when he turned and faced me. "I didn’t want to say anything because you know I don’t believe in that kind of stuff but I swear there was something in that room last night. I woke up facing the sink and in the closet there was this dark figure just standing there. It even came and stood by my side of the bed and watched me."

As we were discussing our experiences that were identical my uncle had come back from inside and asked what we were talking about because our faces seemed so serious and that’s when we told him. His response?

"Oh yeah, you must’ve seen my friend. When I come to this hotel I always get the same room because no one wants it. There was a man who shot himself in the closet of that room. He used to turn my TV off, shake the bed, and watch me sleep when I first started to stay in that room but he doesn’t bother me anymore. I still see him now and then but he doesn’t do anything, he just watches me from the closet. He must’ve realized there was new people in the room and was just checking ya’ll out."

The whole drive home Matt wouldn’t say a word, but when we got to my house he couldn’t wait to tell everyone and till this day he still tells people about it, as do I and people’s reactions are always the same, shocked and a little taken back. And ever since then he has been a firm believer of ghosts he’s even had a few more experiences when I’m around. But nothing that will ever compare to that night, and it’s something we’ll never forget.

I promise this is all a true story. Thanks for reading!

Elisa, KY, USA
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