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The House In The Apple Orchard

February 2001

My husband and I lived most of our lives in Utah. Nice place to visit... My husband is several years older than I and can remember a time that the city we lived in was rural (one stop-light type rural).

Once where the supermarket now stands was an huge apple orchard. It was a favourite hangout for the teenagers of the day as malls were not around.

My husband and his best friend had driven up "Mutton Hollow" during the full moon, to find a spot to sit and complain the usual teenage stuff. It was near midnight when they heard the sounds of clinking glass. As if someone was clinking two bottles together. The two teenagers jumped out of the car to investigate (I know, this is the same man that shudders when I tell him to kill the spider in the sink). What they found were small figures running around in the trees. My hubby and his friend thought that young children were out playing and decided to follow them.

What they found were not children for they could never quite catch the little people. What they found was a slope in the land and a house sitting in a clearing. My husband tries to describe the house to me, but it sounds more like an small institutional building. He says it is flat, many windows and 1 single door that was lit. Around the house lay ruts, like that left by carriages. Of course they dared each other to go to the house. Neither of them would (there's the hubby I know and love).

My husband has nightmares about this house now and then. He said it was spine chilling to be there. He's always being chased by little people. He can't watch Phantasm without cringing at the little minions.

Now I must mention, the next day they went back to the same spot and found.... apple trees. They searched the entire orchard for the slope in the land. Nothing but trees.

Others have mentioned the house in the apple orchard that is only there during certain full moons. Some of the elderly citizens remember stories of little people running around in the trees as well. Little people gathering glass bottles to put the souls of the damned in.

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