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The House in WIndy Hill

Tammy, Maryland, USA
March 2000

Ihave always been able to "feel" spirits. I wish I didn't sometimes.

When I was 19 or 20, my father, brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend (now husband) and I all moved into a big old house. It was on the water, the house had 4 bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, living room and dining room.

When we first moved in everything was fine. One night around 12 or so, my father heard noises on the steps, so he yelled at my boyfriend and me to quit it, Go to bed. Well the noise didn't stop, he got up to look and there was no one there. He thought we were playing a trick on him, he checked our room and we were asleep. So he thought he should look to see if there was anyone in the house, empty. He thought no more of it. He kept on hearing noises he couldn't explain.

One day he returned home and found the fire Dept. was there, there had been a fire. They couldn't tell why the fire started or how it started. Well my boyfriend and I moved out, I was pregnant and he wanted us to get our own place. I decided that I would go and clean the house for my father, since his girlfriend had moved out too.

One day I was sitting in the living room dusting his end tables when all of a sudden I heard the doors upstairs slamming. I went to the stairs and looked, the doors were wide open, it bothered me but I kept going.

My father decided to move out and move closer to work. He had the landlord give my husband and I the house to live in. We moved in and things started happening. by this time I had had my son. He would cry in the middle of the night for a feeding so I would get up and get his bottle and by the time I came back, he was watching something over his crib. This happened a lot. Time went on and things still happened, nothing really big. I bought my boyfriend a VCR for Christmas. We put it upstairs in our room so we could watch movies one night. The thing kept turning off, remote on the table beside the bed mind you. With this going on I got mad and said I wish this would stop. It did that night, but it kept happening.

One evening I was laying on the bed in the living room half asleep watching TV. all of a sudden I smelled roses and cigars. Two very distinct smells and one beside the other. So I told whoever I was going to bed, the smell went away.

We had a friend move in with us and we gave him the master bedroom, and we moved downstairs to the dining room. The friend asked us who was in the house. After that the presence got worse. Everyone would be downstairs and you would hear boots upstairs walking across the floor. He soon moved out, it spooked him I guess. We then moved back upstairs again. It was winter and the house was hard to keep warm, so we heated our bedroom but the rest of the house stayed cool all the time, no matter what we did.

One night we went to bed and I was lying there waiting to fall asleep. when all the sudden I got very scared. I could feel someone moving in the attic, I could feel them coming towards my bed. I couldn't move, scream, do anything. I held my eyes closed so I wouldn't see who it was, they held me down in bed by my shoulders. after a few minutes it let me go and I could feel it move back to the attic. I woke up my boyfriend and told him what had happened. We couldn't find anyone in the house. After that we decided to move. We were in the process of packing up our stuff. We came back to get some of the babies things and I was downstairs changing the baby on the floor in the living room when the back door came open, jokingly I said "come on in". I heard cowboy boots walk through the door, I got up to see who walked in and there was no one there. I ran upstairs to see if anybody was trying to play a trick on me. Everyone was there and no one had come back down. I told them what I heard and we left right then and there. We only moved during the day, because at night you would hear those boots all over the house.

After we left I went to the landlord and asked him what happened in the house, he asked me how I knew that something was wrong in there. I told him of the accounts and he told me his uncle passed away in the house in the dining room, where we had once had our bedroom. As for who the boots were, he didn't know. As for who held me down in bed, he didn't have an answer for that either..... I hope whoever lives there now, gets along with the new owners.....I know I will never go back again. One thing I learned, if the door opens for an unknown reason, don't say "come on in". You never know who or what you are inviting in, and they may never leave.....if you would like to hear more accounts on this house, email me at I will be happy to share other accounts....

Tammy, Maryland, USA
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