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The House of Sorrow

New York, USA
March 1999

Igrew up in a happy family and never witnessed true supernatural beings but the stories my mother, my brother Paul and my sister Mary told me really creeped me out. What I'm about to tell you is from my mother's words to you. This is all her experiences of the hauntings in her first home.

When my mom got married she moved into a private house in Queens NY. the family consisted of her, her first husband, my brothers Pual, Bobby, Peter, and my sister Mary. One thing everyone witnessed was different smells. They would either smell roses or at times smell cigars, even though no one smoked in the house. The dog they had never went into certain rooms of the house no matter how much you forced him. My mother gave birth to her last boy before me. His name was Pual. What he told me sounded like something you would hear from ghostbusters but knowing the house, this was probably the most frightening story I heard from everyone who lived there.

My brother woke up in his crib and saw this brownish substance come from the closet. This substance just kept growing like if it was flooding up the room. Pual cried till my mom came and got him. Whether it was a dream or spirt we don't know, but from what he experienced it was real. From these stories my mother also believed there was a child haunting the place.

My mother was home by herself on a school day. One of my brother's friends came over to see him. When he asked for my brother Bobby my mother told him no one was home. As it was a private house they both heard somebody run into the kid's room. Bobby's friend thought my mom was joking so my mother brought him up and they checked the whole house and no one was there.

These noises and smells happened on and off. No one but my brother Paul saw anything and there was no proof if what he saw was a dream or supernatural. After 3 years of all this my mom, sister and brothers had so much bad luck. They lived poor and my mother and her first husband had a lot of problems with alcohol and the spirits were blamed for this.

The lady next door told of her experiences with the past residents of this house. The first person that lived there was a lady and she committed suicide. After which the guy who owned the house house never lived there mainly because he was in Ohio. The next person who lived there only lived there for about a week and never liked it. After that no one lived there for years and from what my mother believes is that its still haunted and that whoever lives there will have bad luck.

I now live one block down from the house and never see any lights on or anything but maybe one day I will get closer and see if anything actually exists in this house of sorrow.

New York, USA
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