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The House on Church street

November 2005

When I was 18 my parent's decided to move to Mississippi. They were renting an older Victorian styled house and I have to admit it was beautiful. My mother said she fell in love with it because of it's charm and houses like these always have an interesting past. Interesting was not the word I would have chosen, more like horrifying.

I will start by describing the floor plan of this house.

When you walked in the side door, the door we used, you were in the kitchen. You could walk straight through the kitchen into a hallway where 2 bedrooms and a bathroom were located. At the end of this hallway you could enter into the living room, then the sitting room, the dining room and back into the kitchen. Basically it was one big circle. In the sitting room there was a staircase that led to a bedroom upstairs. It was actually more like an apartment without a kitchen. That too was one big circle consisting of a bedroom, dressing room, walk through closet, sitting room and a bathroom.

When I first arrived I had claimed the upstairs as my room since it offered the privacy that I needed. From the first night that I stayed up there I hated it. Something about being up there alone frightened me, most nights I slept downstairs in the spare room.

One morning I was upstairs getting dressed for work, I got out of the bathtub and pushed the door to the stairs slightly closed because my father was home. I couldn't close the door all the way because as I've mentioned it was an older house and the wood frames on the door would swell making it hard to do so. I continued getting dressed and put on my shoes. When I went to the door, I saw that it was closed. I grabbed the knob, turned it and pulled but the door was jammed. I started screaming and yelling for my father. He had to get a screwdriver and take off the door knob to get me out. My parents both said I must have shut the door without realizing it. I knew better.

After that incident I never went up there again except to get my clothes and move them to the downstairs bedroom.

After moving downstairs more strange occurrences began to happen.

The bedroom I slept in downstairs was the coldest room in the house. No matter how hot or cold it was outside or in the rest of the house, that room remained ice cold.

One night I was wide awake and my parents were sleep. I was sitting in my room with the door opened talking on the phone. I heard somebody walking around the house. I didn't think anything of it, I assumed that one of my parents woke up to use the restroom or something. But a few minutes later when I still heard the footsteps I got up to see what they were doing. The problem was I didn't see anybody. I went into their room and both of them were still sleep. The footsteps continued for a few more minutes and then stopped. In the living room you could hear noises coming from the upstairs, which you should all know was empty after me being locked up there. My dogs would sit in the middle of the living room floor, look up at the ceiling and bark for hours. The closet light in my parent's bedroom hadn't worked since they moved in. They even had an electrician come in, but even they couldn't find anything wrong with the wiring. Everybody just put it off to the house being old.

My mother had come home from work one day and came to ask me how I got the light in her closet to work?. I told her I hadn't been in her room at all. We both walked in there to find the closet light on and bright as a summers day. We flicked the switch on and off but it remained on. A few seconds later it cut back off and hasn't came on since.

My brother and his wife came to visit for Christmas that year. They also instantly got a bad vibe from the house. My mother and brother were in the kitchen preparing dinner one night when the oven light cut on by itself. They flicked the switch for it on and off but just like the closet light it remained on. It cut off by itself a few minutes later. My brother freaked out, my mom brushed it off as she had been putting up with things like that for over a year now.

A few months later my parents decided they wanted to look for a more "modern" house, what they really meant was a less haunted one. They finally found one and we designated a weekend to move in. We all took that weekend off from work. While my mom stayed back at the old house to clean, I went to the new house with a car full of stuff. When I arrived at the old house I saw a woman standing outside just staring at the house. I hesitated but then I asked her if there was something I could help her with?. She smiled and told me this was the house that she had grown up in and she was just remembering all of the wonderful times they had in this house. Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask her if any strange happenings occured while she lived there. She smiled, said no and asked me what had happened?. I started to tell her about everything. She explained to me that she lived there in the early 1900's and about how she remembers her first date, and the day her sister almost drowned in the ditch in front. After a few more minutes we finished the conversation and I went inside. My mom asked me who she was and I told her. That's when my mom pointed out that the lady didn't look old enough to be born in the early 1900's. In fact she didn't look much older than my mother who was only 45. We went outside to ask the lady something, and she was gone. I didn't understand how she could have disappeared that quickly because I didn't see a vehicle. But she was gone.

That was the first and last time I ever saw her. What made the event even more bone chilling was when I told the woman my parents rented the house from about the lady. She was able to describe the lady perfectly. I asked her how she knew so much and she replied she had also spoke to the same woman the day her and her family were moving out of the house.

Now that we no longer live in that house we hear all kinds of stories about that old house and how it's been haunted for years. No one lives there now but still late at night sometimes when you drive by the light in the room upstairs is always on.

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