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The Kitchen

Katie, MI, USA
February 2003

Ok..this happened last night, and it was my first experience--though I'm really not sure it could be considered an 'experience'

Well anyway, I was sitting on the computer, home alone (I'm 16), and my mom was working until 11 pm. I live with her, and my dog, Petey, and cat, Kokomo. I'm used to being alone, because my mom works at the hospital, so she's gone at night a lot. I've lived in this house for 15 years now, and nothing specific like this has ever happened, although when I was little I used to tell my mom that people were watching us from the top of the stairs (there's no way to get into the house up there, and there aren't any windows by the stairs). That's the background of this story...

So last night I was sitting on the computer, being really bored because my Internet wasn't working. I was on the phone with a friend and had just fed my dog and cat, and my dog came running out of the kitchen, like usual, after he ate to get pet and let outside. So I was petting him for a couple minutes, and all the sudden I hear my cat let out a really high-pitched meow. I have a back porch attached to my kitchen, then a bathroom with a window, a side door, and the basement, so there were many ways someone could get into the house. I wasn't really worried, cuz my dog would let me know if anyone was here, but when I got to the kitchen doorway (I didn't walk in) my cat was standing there just looking at a cupboard. I thought maybe there was an animal--like a rat or something, my cat's not scared of mice--in my house. Which was annoying in itself, because eww. Anyway, my cat's fur was all on end and his back was arched. As I was trying to comfort my cat, my dog walks up next to me, then perks his ears forward, his tail goes straight down between his legs (he had been wagging it) and he starts to bare his teeth and growl!

He's a golden retriever, and they're usually very gentle, even though he is a pretty good guard dog. So I walk into the kitchen, and all of the sudden I feel really unsafe and start shaking. So I try to get my dog to come in, and he wouldn't...I was literally dragging him by his collar. I got some food and everything, but nothing could coax him to enter the kitchen.

By this time my cat had run out, and since I couldn't get my dog in the kitchen, I got a really heavy flashlight (useful for knocking out rodents, if I were to find any) and opened all the cupboards. There was nothing there. So I open the door to the porch, thinking maybe an opossum or raccoon had gotten on to my porch. Nothing there. I was really scared by this time, too scared to open the door into my bathroom or go down the basement. So I put my cat and dog in another room, and sat outside the kitchen (hidden by the wall) for a good 45 minutes, completely silent, and listened. I heard absolutely nothing.

So I get up, call my friend back because I had gotten off the phone with him when I heard my cat meow, and asked him to come over because I didn't want to be alone. I closed the door to my kitchen, and didn't go back in there until he got there.

My dog usually runs to the door whenever someone arrives at my house, but he ran so fast towards that kitchen that he literally skidded to a stop right outside the doorway, and again, would not go in.

We were watching TV in my den, which is right next to the kitchen, when my dog, who was laying next to the couch, gets up and runs to the kitchen. He doesn't go in, just sits at the doorway. So I close the door again, and everything's uneventful until my friend left at 10.30. My friend and I were discussing what could be the cause of my dog's weird behavior, when he brings up the subject of ghosts. I had thought of this before, but thought it was too far-fetched...but it makes sense, with my dog and cat being able to sense it, and me getting that terrible feeling every time I go in the kitchen.

I called my mom to ask if she was going to be home early, she said not until 11.30, so I called all my other friends and wouldn't get off the phone until like 10 minutes before she got home.

Well, she got home, and again my dog and cat ran to the door, but stopped in the doorway. I wouldn't go in the kitchen either, even when my mom was there. So naturally I told my mom the story, and she thought it was just an animal---but my dog wouldn't act like that if it was an animal, he'd go chase it.

The other weird thing is that this morning, when my mom went downstairs to feed them, they walked into the kitchen as if nothing had happened. What do you guys think?

Katie, MI, USA
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