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The Kitty Cat

June 2002

Over the years, I have had several paranormal experiences, some of which are interesting and some not. This one happened to both my husband and myself.

My husband (John)'s father died about 5 years ago. John went back to his hometown for the funeral and came home a couple of days later. He had to leave the next day to drive down to the US for a business trip. As he was leaving (and I was waving goodbye), I felt like I was being watched. Once the car disappeared from view, I went inside and started to wash the dishes. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his dearly departed dad watching me. Of course, I jumped a couple of feet off the ground, but once I got my wits about me, I told Dad that I had a lot on my mind and that he could stay for a visit, but please not to scare me by showing himself. And he was very accommodating.

John came back to town about 10 days later. He was tired from his trip and pretty stressed out from the death of his dad, so he decided one way to relax was to go for a therapeutic massage. Our massage therapist works out of her home and on his way to his appointment, he got very, very sleepy. So sleepy in fact, that he thought he would have to pull over on the side of the road, but he managed to make it there. Anita (the massage therapist) was dealing with another patient and John let himself into the house and decided to have a nap on the sofa while he waited. Please keep in mind that we had been over to Anita's place the week before for a dinner party, so we are well familiar with her and her home. In any event, John immediately went to the sofa to lay down. As he was putting his head on the pillow, he could feel a lump underneath but he was so sleepy, he just went to sleep. After a short nap, he started waking up as the lump under the pillow was moving. Much to his surprise, a small white kitten came out, looked at him and gave a little meow. Then the kitty disappeared through the door into the basement. Not thinking much of this, when his time for massage came up, he said to Anita, "When did you get another cat?". Remember, we were there recently for dinner and all they had at that time, was a great, big, mean, ornery and deaf cat. This cat would not have allowed any other cat in the house! Anita said to John "We didn't get another cat." John explained what had happened and they both went looking for the kitty. This was in the dead of winter, so there were not doors or windows open, which was confirmed by Anita herself. There was never any sign of the kitten, in the basement or in the whole house.

The next week, Anita walked into her living room and the cushions on the couch where John was sleeping were all standing up on end. Anita said to whoever might be listening "He's not here - he's gone home". That was the end of any visitations at Anita's house.

We're pretty sure it was Dad coming by to see how we were. I understand that sometimes, spirits come in the form of animals, and Dad who loved cats, most certainly would have chosen a kitten to say hello.

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