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The Lady On The Road

Brent, Victoria, Australia
November 2006

My story begins traveling along the Princess Highway, just past 8:00pm on a sunday night. Having left a friends house about fifteen minutes earlier, my girlfriend Armine and I were heading home. I was driving as Armine was resting her head on the passenger window. It was dark and there was no other cars around on the highway just past Doveton, which is strange for a particularly busy area for traffic.
Approaching Hallam, where we live, having passed a service station and McDonalds, which is well lit, the road becomes dark with a long line of trees on the left side of the road, acting like a barrier between the road and the footpath on the other side where a fence blocks out the line of houses along the road. About half way along the stretch of trees I noticed the shape of a person ahead on the side of the road, thinking nothing of it, just a person waiting to cross the road. As we come closer the high-beams from my car hit the person and what we and Armine saw both made us sit up straight. Ahead about 50 metres or so, was a woman, she looked around about 40, had grey hair, she had her left arm raised in the air like she was trying to flag something down and the other hand she held what looked like a bag, a plastic bag from what it looked like. Sure a normal lady standing on the side of the road, but as we came closer she had this look of pure horror on her face, mouth was wide open and her eyes stretched out, something about her didn't look right. Armine also seeing this asked me' that lady alright?!', I didn't answer but as we came past her, we both looked out, something about this felt eerie. I then decided to pull over thinking that this person needs help. I slowed down to pull over and looked back, the woman was no longer there. We both looked at each other and I started to drive off a little faster than usual, not saying a word until we arrived home.

Once inside we discussed what had happened and made sure that we both had seen the lady. We were convinced we had seen a ghost on the side of road, sure it could of jut have been a normal person on the side of the road who needed help but for her to disappear just after we had pulled over was spooky to say the least.
This is a true story, both Armine and I agree we saw the lady on the road.

Brent, Victoria, Australia
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