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The Last Bedroom

April 2003

Although the name has been changed, the event is absolutely true...

About four years ago, a friend of mine (let's call her Kim) and her family moved into this four-bedroom house located in San Jose, California. The first time I visited, she gave me a tour of her house. She did not let me tour the last bedroom that was on the left side of the corridor. A few more visits I thought it was strange that she still had not shown me this particular room and even stranger that the door to it was always locked. I asked her about it and she would tell me that her parents didn't want anyone to go into that room. I thought that they kept a safe there and didn't want anyone in. So, I didn't think much of it.

One night Kim asked me to spend the night at her house because her family was out of town, and she did not want to be home alone. In the middle of the night I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. It was all the way at the end of the corridor, across from the last bedroom on the right. I had to walk really slowly down the hall because it was pitch dark, and I couldn't see a thing.

When I got to the bathroom I stood there a little while searching for the light switch. All of a sudden, out of nowhere I heard a faint voice. I stood there frozen for a few seconds trying to listen to where the voice was coming from. It seemed as though it was coming from the bedroom across from me. I couldn't make out the words but it was definitely someone's voice. I knew that Kim and I were the only ones home. I thought a robber had broken through the window of the room trying to steal some stuff. I got terrified. I searched the light switch quickly, quietly and at the instant of turning it on the fainted voice stopped. I noticed that the bedroom door was crack opened. I ran as quickly as I could down the long corridor, back into Kim's room and woke her up. Needless to say, I was scared stiff. She tried calming me down as I frantically tried explaining to her what I had heard.

We turned on all the lights, searched almost all the rooms and came to the last bedroom. I remembered seeing the door crack opened then. But why was it locked now? I told Kim about it and she shrugged. My heart was racing as Kim and I stood in front of it. I told her I didn't think it was a good idea to open it and that we should call the cops. She said that if the robber were there he probably would have gone by then. She tried opening the door but it was locked. We stuck a knife in the crack of the lock to pry it open. I asked her why was it locked. She told me she didn't know why that her parents just didn't want any of the kids going in. After about half an hour of picking at the crack, we finally got it to open. We turned on the light. Immediately upon entering the room, I could feel the goose bumps popping up on my skin. It was freezing. We could see the cold air coming from our breath. The room was almost completely empty. No one was there, no bed, no drawer, no stand, nothing but a carpet floor, a light bulb on the ceiling, a window on the right wall and oddly, a small peice of yellow clothe with red Chinese words posted directly on the wall cross from the window. We didn't know what the writing said, we're not Chinese.

"I think we just got robbed. Everything is gone!" She told me. The odd thing's that the window was locked. There was no sign of a broken entrance. The robber could not have gone through door and down the hall without us knowing. We immediately called the cops and reported a robbery. They told us that the robber might have gone out through the front door. We were too shaken up to go to sleep.

Kim and I decided to stay up that night. It was around 6 A.M. when all of a sudden we heard a loud crash from the room next to us. Startled, we both hopped up from the bed. We clung on to each other and Kim grabbed the knife in her hands. We slowly walked out of her bedroom and down the corridor to see what was going on. We noticed that all the doors were opened. We were terrified. We knew someone had come in the house again because we closed all the doors the night before. We came to the first bedroom (her brother's) and were shocked to see that everything was thrown around, his clothes, his comic books. No one was there, but the posters on the wall were torn down, the drawers were knocked down and the bed mattress was flipped upward. The rest of the rooms were wrecked the same way. It was not robbery, because nothing was missing. The doors to the entrance of the house were locked and so were the windows.

After that night, Kim stayed at my house until her parents came home. Her parents, being highly superstitious and were firm believers of the supernatural, told her about the last bedroom; that it was meant to be kept empty and undisturbed. They informed her that the previous owner of the house had committed suicide and died a horrible death in the room. Before they knew about the death, they would go into the bedroom and it would be freezing cold all year round, no matter what season it was. They would wake up in the middle of the night hearing whispers and heavy breathing from the bedroom and down the corridor. Her parents, in fear of startling their kids kept their knowledge of the encounters and of the history of the house to themselves. Kim's younger brother once woke up feeling a chilly hand on his face. Often times he would wake up with unexplained, painless bruises everywhere on his body as if someone had pinched him. We found out that her little brother stole his parents' keys to the bedroom. He went in out of curiosity.

A Buddhist monk, a friend of the family, warned her parents to keep the door locked at all time and no one was to open it. Once in a while he would come to the house and put these yellow pieces of clothe on the wall of the bedroom with Chinese writings on them, supposedly to keep the spirit at peace. Till this day, Kim and her family still remain in the house. The family is at peace as long as the last bedroom door remains locked and undisturbed.

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