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The Last Visit

Lucy, Ontario, Canada
August 1999

My name is lucy, because I don't speak perfect English I will submit a short story. I hope you will enjoy it.

In 1988, my cousin, 25 years old, died from being electrocuted while he was working...we grew up togheter, so we had a special feeling, like we were brother and sister. A few days after he was buried, I was sleeping. I woke up and felt like someone was there. I saw beside my bed on my side my cousin. He was just looking at me, smiling. I saw how he was dressed, black sweater and black pants. He kept smiling and then he vanished.

From then on, everytime that I have problems or I am sad, I feel like he is beside me, supporting me.
Now I never feel alone, because I know that he is beside me, protecting me and comforting me...

See you Nick!

Lucy, Ontario, Canada
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