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The Letter

Nebraska, USA
April 2000

This story is the same one that my great grandfather and mother have told me for many years and my mother's sisters verify it.

My mother lived with her grand parents as a child. They lived in a big house built many years before they purchased it.Since the day my great grandparents moved into their house, a strange thing occurred nightly. An old woman would rock in the rocking chair in the living room for hours.

They had all seen her and eventually got used to her. Considering that she was not threatening, they left her alone. She was very thin, pale, and seemed to be waiting for someone or something.

One day, as my mother was helping her grandfather to tear out a wall in the living room, they found a metal box inside. Upon opening the box, they found many love letters and one single unopened letter. My mother opened it and it read as follows..."Mother, I will be returning home from my tour soon. Thank you for your prayers. Love, Robert". So, assuming that the letter belonged to the old lady in the rocking chair, mom placed it in the mailbox. Several days passed and the old woman did not once leave the rocking chair. Everyday, my mom would check the mailbox and the letter would still be there. She would take it out every morning and keep it until after the mail ran so that the mail carrier would not pick it up. One night, she put it back into the mailbox and went to bed. That night the old woman rocked as usual and my mom decided that the letter was probably not hers and fell asleep. The next morning when she checked the mailbox, the letter was gone. That night, the old lady did not rock in the rocking chair and she was never seen again.

My family swears that this is true and in my heart I have no doubt. That old lady must have died before she received that letter from her beloved son and was simply waiting for the postman.

Nebraska, USA
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