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The Lightsey Mansion

Mallory Marie, SC, USA
April 2005

I am a resident of South Carolina (the low country) and have been for almost all of my life. We have always had some pretty freaky stories of ghosts and such due to all the plantations surrounding our little southern, laid back towns. Ever since I was a child, I had always heard the story of the lightsey Mansion but I never believed it, or at least I didn't want to.

One night when I was about 17, a group of my friends decided they wanted to go down and see this "lightsey Mansion". We had always heard the stories of how people go in, and don't come back out, or how you can see crazy things on the walls and such, but most of us just laughed it off. Well I certainly couldn't be the only chicken in the group, even though I was not too happy about going to "experience" this thing. Silly old me, I went.

The lightsey mansion is located in Hampton, South Carolina. A small, but pleasant little town where everybody knows everybody, or at least they know your parents. The driveway was long, dark, creepy, and it was obvious that it wasn't a place for me. I could feel the hairs stand up on the back up my neck when we pulled up to the drive, and I knew this just wasn't any old "story". Going down the driveway was scary enough in itself being that there were no street lights to lead us because of how old and run down this house was.

The story was always told that a man and his wife had adopted several children and they all resided in that home. Until one day, the man went crazy, and killed all of the children and his wife brutally and one by one, while all of them had to watch the others die. It is now said that a satanic cult uses that house for their meetings.

We got out of the car (even though I really didn't want to) and started towards the house. It even smelled creepy! A group of friends entered the basement part of the house, while the other group (my group) went up the stairway and into the actual house. You could see the painted pentagrams and markings all over the walls, showing that some satanic worship had taken place there. While entering the first room, I could hear a voice saying very faintly, "turn back now", but I just thought (and so did my friends) that it was just one of the guys being silly. Then we heard it again, but it was getting fainter and fainter the deeper we got into the house. I started to feel a strong heaviness, like something was right behind me, breathing down my neck! Of course I didn't accept that as my warning, and we kept moving. Lights began to flash on and off, on and off, and you could see what looked like blood running down the walls. We then heard the voices of children and what seemed to be adults screaming in terror! I began to ran and grabbed one of my friends that was closest to me so that I wouldn't be alone! As we ran down the hall, past the rooms and such towards the front entrance, AND I DON'T THINK I HAVE EVERY RUN FASTER!

When we got to the car, the locks starting popping up and down, after a short fight we all managed to get in the car and began to pull out of the drive. (scared to death might I add) An old man was GLOWING standing at the end of the drive way with a big ol'e evil grin and NO TEETH. He even waved good-bye to us. Now I don't know if that was the crazy psycho killer man or what, but I know he was happy to see us leave and we were happy to leave ourselves. We've never been back since, and rumor has it that the town of Hampton has burned that place down!

Mallory Marie, SC, USA
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