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The Little Girl Who Changed My Life

Chrissy, NSW, Australia
February 2004

I couldn't say that I didn't believe in supernatural occurrences. Or even that I was sceptic. But I usually need some kind of evidence when people claim to have seen some otherworldly activity. So when my friends or family would start talking about legends about ghosts and demons, or even their own experiences with strange occurrences, I'd sit back and listen to them without comment, not thinking that they are lying, just that a piece of evidence wouldn't go astray when they were trying to convince me that these things really happened.

Then one day a couple of years ago, I decided that seeing was believing. This only came about when I saw something the night before when I was half asleep which I couldn't prove existed, and there was no evidence of it in the morning. Like I said, I was half asleep, but I know it happened.

I could feel something near me one night, and the feeling slowly woke me. In front of me, just floating in the air was a little girl. Whitish grey and translucent. She didn't try to hurt me or anything, just floated there cross legged and smiling. She was about 8 years old, and wearing a dress. She had long dark hair.

Under normal circumstances, I would have said she was a cute little thing. She wasn't to me that night. That night she scared the hell out of me. It had never happened to me before. It scared me even more. I'd been scared, but not that scared. I can't remember what happened to me after that, just waking up the next morning, remembering what had happened. It could have been a dream. Maybe. It's one explanation. I just know that when we moved out of the house at the end of last year, I felt really relieved.

My bedroom had never felt the same after that night: I had a hard time falling asleep some nights; Some nights I'd see weird shadows on my walls. An eerie feeling had settled around my room. It was like I was being watched or something. It wasn't there all the time. When it was there though, I knew. Sometimes it would be subtle, making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Other times it would be so intense that I had to get out of there.

Since that faithful night two years ago I stopped needing evidence. I started believing. So I started researching. My story wasn't the only one like it.

To me, this was proof. This proof was more terrifying than the incident itself. This meant that it could happen to me again. And it did.

After that first night, I saw her a few more times. She didn't really scare me after that, but that eerie feeling stayed.

Every time the hairs stick up on the back of my neck, or I get one of those strange feelings like 'someone's walked over my grave' I gotta wonder if it's only the cold wind that just blew past, or something else. If you've had one of those experiences, or just pondering the reasons as to why you feel so freaked about the cold wind that seemed to pass through your body, you should know how creepy it feels. That feeling that gives you the creeps an about being watched? Might not just be a feeling.

Chrissy, NSW, Australia
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