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The Little One

February 2001

This is not a type of story that you are going to fear or be afraid of. I know I am not. I truly believe that there was a little child that may have been killed, or may have died in my house for the fact that I have seen some very weird things that I have never seen happen before.

I have lived in this house going on four years now, and there has probably been about five incidents that have happened that I have personally seen.

My friend and I were sitting at the kitchen table one day when my speaker phone button had pressed in all by itself and kept on. No one else was around that room except for him and I.

Another incident that I had witnessed was one day I was sitting by myself after I had got home from school. I had gotten a snack from the cabinet and had sat at the kitchen table, all of a sudden the microwave (we have an old one with the rotating knob) was turned all the way up to 15 minutes (as far as it can go) I sat there in shock for a few seconds and then realized what had happened so I turned it back off.

The third thing that has happened to me was, another day when I had gotten home from school I sat down at the kitchen table to do homework when I heard footsteps up in the attic. Now my attic is not big enough to stand in so that you are able to hear footprints. Also, I know I was the only one home) I thought I was just hearing things at first until I heard it again even louder. I finally got really scared and called a friend to get my mind off of it. I'm not sure if there is anything to do that all three of these incidents were little things that a little child would be able to do. Or that all three of these incidents happened near or in my kitchen.

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