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The little Red Rocking Chair

Jerry E. Spivey, NY, USA
September 2004

Throughout my life, I would experience plenty of ghostly phenomena and I’ve had direct contact with plenty of demonic spirits. I was once a preacher and wasn’t afraid of demons or ghosts. I’ve been involved in exorcisms, whereby some of the demons, upon being expelled made the hideous sounds upon leaving, I’ve never heard any animal that sound like those demons leaving a persons soul, it’s very frightening.

I’ve seen shadows on the wall made by demons. I myself was once possessed by a demon before I started my ministry. My wife and I have heard loud footsteps from a deceased friend from our neighborhood just dropping in to say "hello", I’ve heard banging noise from angry spirits that vibrated my whole house! I’ve encountered so many hauntings, seen plenty of ghosts and personally dealt with plenty of ghosts and demons. Each story is so haunting that I feel I could write a book. But, I will tell you a story of my first haunting. Because my first haunting is the one that scared me the most.

Usually, when I verbally tell people of my first haunting, they don’t believe me. In fact, it’s hard to believe but, it did happen, just as I write it. I have an explanation as to how this happened. But, first, please read my first haunting story; that I titled "The Little Red Rocking Chair".

My first haunting started when I was about six years old. I was raised at Park Place, Brooklyn, New York from 1953 to 1962. I played with a particular clown doll, that was most unusual in it’s appearance, it’s face was fully painted like a clown and it’s hat was long and pointed with a small ball on top and it stood straight up. That doll was quite haunting just looking at it, especially, his smile, but for some reason that was my favorite doll.

For some reason, I loved to play with that doll and nothing else. I didn’t want to play with the neighborhood kids. I was a lonely child and most of my day was rocking in my little red rocking chair, usually, all day and I would day dream, but I always had my favorite clown doll. My mother recently told me that she gave me the clown doll and my little red rocking chair, that would explain my fascination for the clown doll and my little red rocking chair, it’s because I longed to be with my mother, but was raised by my aunt and uncle. My aunt and uncle raised me because my father was killed in a car accident when I was just one years old. My mother couldn’t afford raising two children alone and sent my brother to North Carolina to live with her sister and bother-in-law. However, I stayed in New York with my father’s sister and her husband. My aunt thought that I was missing out of my childhood by rocking in that chair and playing with the clown doll all day, but I had my reasons. I kept rocking and playing with my doll.

One evening, my uncle was out all night playing cards with his friends. Usually, when my uncle was out for the night, my aunt would ask me to sleep with her and this particular evening she woke me from my sleep and asked me to sleep with her, of course, I obliged. I now believe that my aunt may have seen ghosts in her bedroom and was afraid to sleep alone. My little red rocking chair was in her bedroom near the window and there was a flower in a flower pot on the windowsill, my clown doll was sitting in the little red rocking chair facing the window and the flowers.

I was very sleepy when my aunt woke me to sleep with her and it took no time for me to fall to sleep in her bed. For some reason, I was woken around three o’clock that morning and heard my chair rocking, rocking, by itself! My clown doll was in that chair and as I turned my head in the direction of the rocking chair I witnessed the most profound thing that has haunted me from that evening; my clown doll was rocking in the chair and playing with the flowers on the windowsill! The moon reflection gave the most frighten silhouette image. The shadow of my doll rocking in my rocking chair and moving around like a person, playing with the flowers terrified me! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was not dreaming, this was real life and I was really scared like never before, but my fears would heighten when the doll stopped rocking and turned it’s head in my direction. My heart stopped. My doll was looking in my direction and proceeded to get out of the rocking chair and walk in my direction! Immediately, I pulled the covers over my head and held close to my aunt with fear that I never thought possible! So much was going though my mind that evening, like what would I do if my clown doll pulled the covers off me and my aunt or will my doll get in bed with me?.

That night was the longest night of my life. The fear of my clown doll pulling the covers from me froze me with fear and sweat dripping madly from my body. I truly thank God that my clown doll never touched the covers. What seemed like hours later I finally fell back to sleep, of course hugging very close to my aunt. When I woke up in the morning, I found my doll still sitting in my little red rocking chair, with the most hideous smile on it’s face! I screamed like a baby and asked my aunt to remove the clown doll from my little red rocking chair and to please; "throw that doll away"!

I never told my aunt this story and I never saw that doll again until about 40 years later when a co-worker bought a clown doll from the website, they were selling old dolls from the 50’s over the internet and a co-worker brought the same doll! The doll was delivered wrapped and he unwrapped the doll in the office, (it had the same hideous smile of it’s face) as soon as I saw that doll, I asked my co-worker to please put it away immediately and explained my childhood fears surrounding that clown doll. This is a true story.

Now here’s my explanation; through my ministry years, I’ve been involved with many demons and angels. I’ve seen things move around my apartment as though someone was there moving the objects themselves. In fact, poltergeist activities has been known to throw or move items around, therefore, mischievous spirits, can make things like dolls move at their will.

Jerry E. Spivey, NY, USA
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