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The Man (1)

New Zealand
July 2003

I've had many experiences. In fact, I've had so many I'm use to it and it doesn't bother me any more to "see" something, I just shrug it off and move on. But this one experience, which only happened yesterday, somewhat unsettled me, I didn't expect it.

I'm a student Nurse, and as such, I managed to get a job in the Hospital wing of a Rest Home for experience and money. ;)

Now, one of the ladies there has dementia and is almost completely blind, she has also had a CVA (stroke) and often has a lot of problems going on. She also "tells stories" as one of the nurses explained to me. She claims she sees a man outside who tries to get inside her room or the lounge or whereever she is in the Hospital. I always just thought, "yeah, she's just making it up, it's the dementia".

Yesterday, she was going on a lot about this man outside, and the nurse told me not to worry too much and to just go about her cares [washing, dressing et cetera]. So, I wheeled her to her room and was getting her nightie ready. When suddenly she went very quiet, which is odd, she's always saying things like "I love you, do you love me? Ooh, what lovely hands", just simple natter.

Then she stated: "The man's outside, he's trying to get in".

I didn't really ignore her, but I didn't beleive her, I simply said to her "Well, the door is locked, he can't get inside, and if he does, we'll protect you". All we could really do for her was to reassure her.

I then went to the linen closet to get some towels. In the hospital rooms they have a door then a curtain which pulls around a rail and covers the door so the door can be open with the curtain pulled and the person will have privacy. I opened the door, and came in, shutting the door behind me. I heard her say "The Man's outside, I can see him, he's peering in". I pulled the curtain and looked straight at the window and I almost had a heart attack, there, standing right outside the window was the man. He had a glowing mist around his form, and his body was kind of hazy, as if his arms were melting into his trunk, because of the height of the window I couldn't see his legs. I saw his face perfectly. He just kept looking at me, and then the lady said "You can see him, can't you?" I was like "Yeah..." Then suddenly he started to disappear until he was completely gone.

I pulled the curtains and the woman stated "He'll come back".

It was a strange sensation, usually I can "feel" things before I "see" them, but I guess I was just so convinced that there was nothing there and the woman wasn't quite right in the head that I somehow turned "it" off.

I have to look after that woman tonight...

New Zealand
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