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The Man in the Chair

Steve Cowen, Texas, USA
December 1998

Iwas just getting home from school, it was around the beginning of the Summer in 1977. I had walked through the front door and yelled the ever common phrase, "Mom...Dad, anyone here," well there of course was no one home. I proceeded to walk through the house and started to walk up the stairs. I got upstairs and changed my clothes, like I normally would do after school. I heard a noise in the stairway. We had these stairs that had ledges on both sides and the attic part was directly above you as you were walking up them.

I looked around the corner from my room and then started to walk down the stairs. I took one of those steps that you miss with your foot and slid down the stairs. I fell butt first and then kind of rolled head first into the downstairs door. I don't actually know how long I was out but when I awoke I looked into the living room, which is to the left of the entry way to the upstairs, and I saw and old man sitting in my Mothers rocking chair, a chair that was fairly old and had been in the family quite a long time. The old man looked at me ans smiled. He was apparitional. I could see through him, like mist. I could not make an accurate description of what he looked like. He said "It'll be all right fella", and then disappeared. I kind of sat there for a minute and then got up and went over to the couch and laid down. I do not know how long I had been out from the fall but my parents awoke me at around 8:00p.m. and I was sleeping on the couch. Shortly after this experience I encountered a rather painful stomach flu that kept me awake for several days, It went away shortly after I received a new pair of cleats I had wanted. I was 7 years old when this happened and I am now 28. This experience has haunted me for 21 years and it always feels like it just happened yesterday. You can take the story anyway you want, but I believe this happened and I would not change it one bit. I have told few people about this incident but the ones I have told just look at me and wonder, Is it true. I always say, "If it wasn't, It sure felt like it was."

Steve Cowen, Texas, USA
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