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The Man In The Hat & Cape

August 2003

I have a friend in the Mangrove mountains which has had several reports of supernatural beings. He invited me and my family to come and stay the night at his property. We were aware of these sightings at the time, so we purposely slept outside in tents near the small graveyard there.

At night we went for a walk along the dust road leading out to the river. As we were walking down the road we could feel another presence with us apart from ourselves. We were scared, but at the time we were determined to see something. Suddenly there came a glowing light out from the bushes behind us. Out of the dark came a tall figure dressed in a long cape and a wide brim hat. He was dressed in past time clothes. Scared out of our wits we asked him what his name was. He did not speak but simply just lifted his hand up and with his finger wrote his initials W.A. in the air. After that we ran off back to our tents.

The next morning we discovered that in the graveyard there was a tombstone containing the name William Attkins and the date he died. We went onto the Internet the next day to discover that a William Attkins had lived near the property we were staying on nearly 100 years ago.

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