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The Man On The Stairs

Amy, UK
February 2003

Firstly, if you read my story and want to get in touch with me please don't send me e-mails that contain a listing of all the reasons why this story can't possibly be true because I will merely erase them because I know that this is 100% true!

I have lived in my house since I was 4 years old and have always felt an eerie presence since that age. I am now 14 which means I have lived in this house for a total of 10 years and this presence has never ever gone away.

The main thing that has happened to me whilst living here was when I was around 9 or 10 years old, which even though was 5 years ago I remember vividly. I was thirsty in the middle of the night so I got out of bed and went downstairs to get a glass of Juice. I was always scared of the dark as a child but as I was walking down the stairs I was relieved to see the living room light still switched on so I gathered my Mum or Dad were still awake and watching T.V.

I got my juice and decided to go in to whoever was in there. To get into our living room you have to walk through our dining room which has two Doors with windows in leading to the living room. I could still clearly see the lights still on. Just as I went to go in the light quickly switched off. I opened the doors and seen a very empty living room. As I turned away I felt someone or something push past me.

I was a little shaken by it so I hurriedly made my way to the hall to go upstairs. As I turned to climb our staircase I saw a man who looked about 50-55 slouched against the wall on the third stair up. He had his eyes closed and was holding a bottle of beer. He had a translucent appearance which absolutely terrified me!

I ran to my room and got under my covers and stayed there until morning. I told my mum about my experience and she tried to reassure me, i.e., u were sleepwalking but I knew for a fact I wasn't because I had drank the juice and left the living room doors wide open. I knew she was wrong and went into my room and sulked because she wouldn't believe me!

The next day I heard my Mum talking to my Dad and she was telling him about my experience. She told him that I was probably sleepwalking, just like she told me but my Dad disagreed and told her the same thing had happened to him about a week before me. She was shocked from what I could make out and wanted to move! I really like the house and didn't want to go. Even though the ghost scared me, it hadn't harmed me and I didn't think it was serious enough to move.

I went in my room that night and found a ball of scrunched up paper on my chest of drawers. I opened it and it said: Don't be scared I'll do no harm, just too fond off the old beer! I took the note to my Dad who read it and chuckled to himself. He then showed it to my mum who also giggled and sort of came round. We never moved in the end and I never saw the man again. I still feel a presence on the stairs but it doesn't bother me anymore and I think of him as a drunken uncle for some strange reason!

We never got the house checked out but a few locals told us the owner before the people we bought the house off was an alcoholic and used to sleep on the stairs so as not to wake his wife when he was drunk! He died in the house and we have been told he was really funny, kind man before he started to drink, so I really felt no need to be scared!

I hope you enjoyed my story, if you have any questions or want to contact me e-mail me if you wish, sorry it was a bit long!!

Amy, UK
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