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The Milton Shadows

NSW, Australia
June 2004

During a visit to a caravan in the Milton district of Shoalhaven I had a most unusual encounter.

Some friends and I were wandering the bushland not far from the street appropriately named "Slaughter House Road" (look it up if you need to). We had decided that it would be a lark to wander down one of the bush roads, very few cars can navigate the rough terrain. We had made it as far as the old abandoned silo, which can be seen from the field next to the caravan park when we heard some strange noises like that of a howling come from the silo.
A dark shadow stepped out from behind the damaged doors. It was shaped like a man.
We assumed it to be a homeless man (not very common in the area) or a farmer checking his property. We had started to head back figuring we did not want to meet him either way, when as we made it back into the dark portion of the road we heard the howls again accross the open field.

The field is generally high grass for a few acres with a pond or two and several old farm items such as rusty tanks & ploughs dumped through it. We looked into the field and saw 3 dogs running the length of the field towards us. We started sprinting and did not look back. These were fast dogs.

The next day we asked the caravan parks neighbour John (an elderly man) about the dogs and whether they belonged to any locals. He told us that they were savage dogs and he had seen them from time to time. He thought that they belonged to the old farmer who had owned the farm with the silo. This man had gone to fight in Korea and died. His wife had sold the farm and moved to town.

I can not assume these dogs to be anything but dogs, until you remember that these hounds could not possibly be the dead farmers dogs unless they are ghostly muts, and as for the shadow in the silo, I have no explanation.

I try not to wander down that road, haunted or not, a stray dog can do some major damage.

NSW, Australia
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