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The Misty Experience

Mark Carlson, Washington, USA
March 1998

On December 13th 1997 I was sitting in my living room watching television. I noticed out of the corner of my Eye's that a very strange mist came from the hallway entrance. I had been told about strange thing's that have happened in this house before and I just thought it was B.S. I have seen that now everything that I was told had to have been true. My god what is happening? My first reaction was to think that it was a fire, but as I went to investigate I found out differently. I even thought that maybe it could be a swarm of small insects. But as I walked into the narrow hallway the mist enveloped me sending cold chill's up and down my spine. A terrible feeling came over me at which time I did an about face and ran. I then stopped at the end of the hallway and when I turned around I saw this mist form into a women's body. Mind you it was still just a mist but you could see that she was definitely a women. All of a sudden the light's started flickering then went out for about fifteen seconds then came back on. When the lights came back on there were two pictures in the hallway turned upside down. About ten minutes later my mother and father in-law came over which my wife and had bought the house and property from. When I told them what I had seen all they could say was next time we tell you about things that have happened around here I bet you believe us.

Mark Carlson, Washington, USA
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