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The Most Frightening Job

Kesley Gurnett, CA, USA
January 2007

This happened about 6 months ago.

I worked at a retail store in the Sunvalley Mall as a Sales Associate. The store was supposedly "haunted", yet of course I chose not to believe it.

One morning I was opening with the head manager. It was about 9:30 in the morning and the store did not open on Saturdays until 10.00am. Anyways, my manager had me bringing stock out onto the floor so that way we would be fully stocked and ready to go. I had my hands full of gray shirts and was getting ready to walk out the door when I saw a figure walk by. I stopped, called my manager out, and told her what happened. We searched the sales floor, but nothing was there. It was really scary, but she told me that she had that happen to her also.

Another night, I was closing with my favorite manager and co-worker (we never got anything done) and they were counting out. I was standing in the hallway with the door to the office and to the sales floor opened. I was talking to them and I saw the figure again. I told my manager and she started to laugh. All of a sudden the door (which is heavy and a pain to shut) slammed shut and we heard footsteps. My manager yelled at me to get inside the office and we shut the door and watched the surveillance video. We saw different carts and things being thrown around and lights tuning on and off.
We finally got the courage to go outside, me with a hammer, my manager with a heavy book, and my co-worker with a screwdriver. One person guarded the doors while I checked out the stock area, which was clear, then we checked the sales floor, which was miraculously clean.

We all left that night and within one month we were no longer employed there. We had all quit.

Afterwards, I found out that before the store became occupied by that company, there was an employee in the loft (which is near the ceiling, only accessible by a ladder) and tripped and had fallen the whole 20ft onto the cement floor. They broke their neck and died instantly.
I was told that this was the figure (which was a male) that haunted the store.
One of the other co-workers said that while they were working in the stock room, they had talked to the ghost and carried on conversations with it.

It is pretty scary and I will never work at that mall again.

Kesley Gurnett, CA, USA
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