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The Moving Doll

Hannah, NV, USA
December 2010

I started a ghost hunting team and we decided to have a little fun going ghost hunting.

My little sister has a doll that has been passed down in her family for like 50 years or something. We heard a loud bang in the playroom where the doll was located. We had propped the doll ("her," as we referred to her) and now she was across the room face down. We then decided to try and catch it on camera, so we propped her by the trash can and slowly went downstairs.

When we reviewed the tape, we had discovered she didn't move, but the shadow figure about the size of a little girl had passed through the back. I asked my stepmom, who formerly owned the doll, and she just walked away fast. I asked my dad and he just told me, "Don't talk about Lucy."

Lucy is apparently my stepmom's sister who had a certain disease and she died with the doll in her hands. Her wishes were to be buried with the doll, but it's been passed down so long, my stepmom kept it so she could pass it down to her children. The doll is still in my house and she keeps moving. I don't mind anymore.

Hannah, NV, USA
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