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The Museum

June 2001

I live in a very old town on the edge of Boston Harbor. Many historical events took place in this particular area, but perhaps the best known stories are centered around the heroic deeds of the US Coast Guard. My story is that of a few spirits who inhabit a museum, formerly a duty station, that is designated to honour and display the early days of the Coast Guard.

As a frequent visitor of the museum, my 5 year old son and I spend a great deal of time exploring the halls and rediscovering artifacts. My son often goes into a loft area, which is now set up as a play room for children, while I look around downstairs.

On many occasions I have heard heavy, pacing footsteps when I know that my son is the only person upstairs (it is a very small museum and during the cold winter months gets few visitors). I never thought much about the footsteps, after all some very dramatic events took place in this building and it would come as no surprise if someone were still looking after it. The surprise comes from something my son told me after an afternoon playing in the loft.

As we were getting ready to leave, I asked him if he had fun in the play room. He said, "Yes," and that two Coast Guard men (he actually gave me names, first and last, of two men who served in the late 1800's) were playing with his trains with him. He quickly added, "Don't worry, Mom, they told me to tell you that they are good."

Since that day, I have tried to be more aware of things that happen in the museum, especially the play room. I have yet to see a ghost, but I have seen objects move about slowly and with no explanation, and the footsteps continue as well.

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