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The Mystery In The House

Ishara, Sri Lanka
July 2011

This was a story I heard from my father recently, which he once met with while on his duty. My father is a police officer and this story is something that really happened to him.

So one certain night, he had to go with his friends (the other police officers) to some certain rural area for their duty. Usually they move from place to place on duty in Sri Lanka, especially when there is a special event organized. This was such a day.

After duty they had to come and sleep, but due to protective reasons one person should keep awake until another wakes up to guard once in an hour's time. There had been three of them in the situation including my father and they had to sleep in an old large house. It is called a "Walawwa," an ancient house which belongs to the families of people in the higher castes.

My father had been awake and the other two had gone to sleep. In a short while, one of the police officers starts to scream really loud. It was like someone is trying to squeeze his neck. So my father had tried hard to wake him up and couldn't so he had slapped him in the face and he woke up. He was like he had seen a nightmare.

The next hour my father too went to sleep.

While he was sleeping, he had seen someone in white coming towards him started to squeeze his neck. He had tried to wake up and yes, he was able to wake up. He explained what he saw to his friend to see that his friend had seen the same nightmare, which really wasn't a nightmare after all.

The reason for all this was two small kids who had been murdered in the house and buried in it. If someone comes to the house they try to murder them by squeezing the neck. My father and his friends were not warned about it before and if they were not that fierce they wouldn't have been alive.

Ishara, Sri Lanka
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