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The Mystery Me (?)

Mississippi, USA
April 1998

At the time of this event I was 13. Everyone was already in bed one night when my particular experience happened. Now strange things had happened in this house before, so sometimes I would sneak into my parents room in the middle of the night to sleep on their floor. One night my sister and I were upstairs snoring like logs. For some reason my parents, whose bedroom is on the main floor, were still awake. My dad, who mind you does not believe in the whole ghost and spirit thing, saw what he and my mother still believe to this day a ghostly figure. It was whitely framed and obviously looked like a young girl standing at the foot of the bed-not moving, just standing. My dad leaned over to my mom and said "is that Andrea (me)?" My mom looked at him and said "No." They both stared in puzzled, frightened, confused glares as the figure quickly vanished.

On a few other occasions, we have had some weird occurrences...such as the quiet night when only my mother and I were home; my sister and dad were working late. As we sat in the living room on a peaceful autumn night reading and enjoying the loud nothings, a blaring, deafening sound came from upstairs. It seems as though my sisters cd player had been turned on full blast. My mother, afraid that someone may have been in the house went upstairs with a knife. She found nothing. To this day, we still have no idea what caused it but we have a good idea.

Once again, we ran into an encounter when my mom and I were in the living room alone again, much the same as the month before when the cd player incident occurred, quiet and chilly. As we sat there looking through the catalogs of seasonal clothes, we heard a loud thud that sounded as if it had been coming from my sister's bathroom. Finding this a bit odd, we headed upstairs. When we got the door open we saw a hairbrush that had been thrown into the tub. Still, we have no logical explanation due to the fact that both of the doors to the bathroom had been shut to deter the cats from getting in the shower and knocking over shampoo.

About once a day or every other day I feel my hair being played with. On occasion, I will hear things on the attic door on my ceiling. On even more occasions I feel presences of unseen things, like I am being watched. On the last minor occasion, a few nights ago, I was sleeping in my parent's bed as they were out of town. I was laying there after my sister had just left the room. I started yelling "Why did you turn off the fan?" She yelled back in a scared and unsure low voice, "I didn't."

Judge for yourself...I know what I see, feel, and hear.

Mississippi, USA
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