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The Nasty Ghost

Jamdodge, Dublin, Irelan
January 2006

When I was pretty young, about 8 or 9 I was staying in my holiday home in Waterford. We had just moved in but the house was built long before. Now I'm not saying this was a big old 'Amityville Horror' Style house. Not at all. It was an average holiday home by the sea and wouldn't scare a fly.

However, one day I was out playing on the front porch with my remote control car. Then I heard a girl's voice saying "When did you move here?" So I looked up and there I saw a little girl about my age wearing a red dress.

I did not notice anything strange or unnatural about her at the time so I asked her if she wanted to join me but she stood there and talked. I can't remember what we talked about but we went on for a good few hours. Finally my mum called me in for dinner and I said goodbye. Just as I left, she suddenly turned serious and grabbed my arm "Your house is haunted, two girls were murdered in the upstairs bathroom"! I laughed, picked up my car and ran inside.

Later that night I was watching TV and I started thinking about what the girl said. Being that young I thought there was only one way to prove it, I went into the upstairs bathroom and left a Mars bar in front of the mirror thinking the ghost would take a bite out of it. So I went downstairs and told my parents and watched TV for a few more minutes.

I went upstairs later that night and I ran into the bathroom to see what had happened, to my shock and horror there was a bite taken out of the bar!!! So I ran downstairs to my mum and dad and told them what had happened. And with that my dad started laughing "It was only me, I was just joking!" He said. So that was my ghost?

Not Exactly.

A few days later I was playing in my room with my car when I heard a noise coming from the bathroom so I went in and checked it out, the shower was on so I just turned it off and headed back into my room, I slowly opened the door knob and when I looked in my blood ran cold...

There was the little girl in the room playing with my car "You frightened me" I told her but she didn't answer. We talked for a bit more and then I went downstairs again. I told my parents how nice she was to me and how strange it was that she didn't even tell me she'd come in.

My parents looked concerned "Listen to me, no girl lives on this estate the only girls who ever lived here were two little girls who lived in this house before us" I stared into space. What had happened? Who knows.

I'll never forget that encounter with the girl in the red dress. She haunts me in my dreams and nightmares. I can't even look in a mirror anymore because SHE might be there...

Jamdodge, Dublin, Irelan
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