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The Old Bike

Colby Rogers, Virginia, USA
February 2000

At camp this summer, one of my co-workers told me this story. She said that when her father (whom we shall call Bob) was a young man, he and his friend (whom we shall call Chuck) decided to take his father's car out for a ride. They decided that they should go and ride on a straight road that happens to run by the town's cemetery.

Since the cemetery is on a hill, and nobody was around, Bob started to drive as fast as he could. Well, the cemetery was very big and about halfway through it, Chuck looked over and saw a man riding on one of those old-time bicycles (the ones with the huge wheels) riding just as fast as the car was! The man just appeared out of nowhere, and was looking straight ahead, and barely pedaling the bike! They were going about 50 MPH and Chuck urged Bob to go even faster. Imagine their surprise when the man on the bike kept up with them at 70 MPH! The two teens eventually reached the end of the Cemetery and all of a sudden, the man on the bike turned in a stiff sort of way, and disappeared into the graves! Needless to say, Bob floored it, and sped back to town!

Colby Rogers, Virginia, USA
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