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The Old Farm

Tim, Ontario, Canada
November 2006

These are a few experiences that had happened to me while I was growing up on a turn- of-the-century farm.
My family moved to the farm when I was 2 years old, but my first experience happened when I was 10.
Everyone in my family (there were six of us) would be sitting around the dinner table having supper when all of a sudden the doors on the kitchen cupboards would open by themselves then slam shut making everyone sitting around the table jump. This happened only a few more times. A few years later I was visited by something that I was too scared to see. My bedroom was at the end of a hallway on the second floor. Being an old house, the floors were made of wood panels.
One night as I lay awake trying to sleep, I heard heavy footsteps walking up the stairs and down the hall to my room. Knowing that everyone else in the house was asleep, I curled myself into a ball in my blankets and faced the wall beside my bed. Then the footsteps entered my room and I could hear them walking around my room. A minute or so later I heard them leave my room, walk down the hall and knowing that there was fourteen steps on the stairs, I counted the steps as the feet walked down the stairs. I got to six when silence returned.
The next morning I asked my family if anyone was awake during the night and everyone replied that they slept soundly.
Another time I was watching T.V. on the first floor, alone in the house, and I could hear a woman's singing coming from my sisters room on the second floor. Thinking that she came home I went to see her and proceeded towards her bedroom. Once I got to her room the singing stopped. Opening the door, I noticed that the room was empty, it still was only me in the house. I looked to see if a radio was left on but found all the radios off.
While my sister and I where feeding the animals in the barn one night a few years later, I walked out into the side corral to give the horses some food. As I looked towards the house I could see a little girl standing in the second story hallway window which faced the corral. I called for my sister to come and see. She said that she could also see it and it might be a trick of the light. I went back out before we finished in the barn and noticed that the figure in the widow was gone. I never could shake the feeling that I was being watched by something in that window.
My favorite happened when I was 12. We had an old kettle that we used to make coffee and tea. On day while my father and I were making a cup of tea, we put the kettle on the stove and waited for it to whistle. Once it did I got up to remove it from the stove when suddenly, while I was two feet away from it, the kettle rose up and moved off the burner itself. After that I did not feel like having a cup of tea.

Tim, Ontario, Canada
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