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The Old Lady at Fox Street

Gabby, NSW, Australia
November 2006

This encounter takes place at a house I did not personally live in. Three of my best friends lived there for a year whilst at University. I did stay there a lot though and experienced a few strange happenings.

In 1997 my friends, B, L and F had just moved into a house in central Wagga Wagga for their last year at Uni. The house had come onto the rental market because the elderly lady who had previously lived there had passed away. I am convinced that the lady (I never found out her name but B, L and F may have) was still there hanging out and amusing herself in small ways.
L had just gotten herself a baby mini foxy (fox terrier) and B had gotten herself a kitten as little playmates. These animals would always walk around a certain spot in the hallway as if something was there. They never hissed or seemed scared at all which led me to believe that the lady was happy to have us there (mostly). The animals would also play in the area that they would walk around like mad things, jumping and rolling around like someone was dangling a string for them or throwing balls up and down the hall for them. The cat would jump so high she would reach halfway up the wall even though he was so little. The dog would race up and down the hall and then stop in that spot and stand on her hind legs like she was begging. The only time that I feel the lady would get annoyed with us was when we played loud music in B's bedroom. This room had been the lady's before she passed on and I think our taste in music didn't excite her at all.
If we left the room to go elsewhere and left the music on, when we got back the stereo would always be off and unplugged at the power point. Sometimes we would even find it unplugged when we weren't playing music. Perhaps she was trying to tell us not to start again.
She never got angry with us though, only unplugged the stereo.
As a side story, a few years before, when we had all been playing with a Ouija board B had asked the spirit if she would ever get a pet. The spirit said "yes" and then "cat". B asked what it's name would be and the spirit said "Mossie". B said at the time that she thought it was a stupid name for a pet and then promptly forgot about it. Two years later when she got the pet we had all forgotten about what the spirit said and when she got the cat she called it "Mozzie", short for Mosquito. When another of our friends who had since left Uni came to visit he remembered the spirit and reminded B. She freaked out a little bit but couldn't bring herself to change the kittens name.

Gabby, NSW, Australia
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