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The Party

Mojave, Pennsylvania, USA
March 2007

My story occurred about 25 years ago when my mom, Neala, was 18, and her brother, Dale was 22 years old. Their mother left them when they were little so she will not be in this story.

Late one night the three of them were fast asleep when voices and music woke Calvin. He wondered which one of his children was having a party at the house so late at night. He decided to get up and check and to ask them to keep the noise down a little so that he could go back to sleep. He put on his white terry cloth robe and began walking down the dark hallway towards the living room. He began to wonder why the whole house was so dark if there was a party going on, but he still heard the voices and music so he continued on his way toward the sounds.
When he reached the living room he flicked on the lights. The lights flashed on and all the sounds stopped. Calvin thought Dale or Neala must be playing a joke on him so he went to see which one was not in their bed.
He turned the lights off and walked back toward the bedrooms. He reached Dale's room and found him fast asleep so he continued on to Neala's room where he found her sound asleep too. He scratched his head and thought to himself that he must have been dreaming. He listened intently, but heard no voices, music or any other sounds. He returned to his bed and looked at his clock to see how much time he had left until his alarm would wake him. It was 1:00 am. He had 5 hours left until his alarm would start blaring. His head had just sunk into his goose down pillow when he started hearing the sounds of a party again. He thought to himself, "what the heck is going on?" He got up again, but this time he was on a mission to find out who the prankster is that's keeping him awake.

He walked stealthily down the hall and peered into the darkness with his bloodshot eyes trying to distinguish the shapes in the room. He saw a few shadowy figures and thought he had caught the prankster so he turned on the lights. Once again the sounds stopped and nothing remained where the shadowy figures had been. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. Still nothing. He turned the lights off and checked on Dale and Neala again. They were still asleep in their beds. He didn't know what else to do so he went back to bed.
These events were repeated 2 more times, then Calvin finally chose to ignore the sounds and try to sleep. He only had a couple of hours of snooze time left.

When morning came he asked Dale and Neala if they had heard anything during the night. Neala, being a very deep sleeper, said she didn't hear a thing. Dale, on the other hand, said he heard party sounds and thought it was Neala and her friends. Their dad told them what he had been through that night. They all felt a bit uneasy about it, figuring it had to be ghosts.
That was the end of "The Party". There were no more unexplained parties in their house, but they did experience some other odd occurrences in their home that could not be logically explained.

Mojave, Pennsylvania, USA
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