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The Phone Call (1)

Victoria, Australia
August 1999

Firstly i would like to say that I am not one to take this subject lightly.But something happened to me which I cannot explain.

In November 1995 my mother passed away from a serious lung disease I was with her at the time. My mother and I were pretty close, you may say that we were best of friends. I soon moved into a two bedroom unit in Geelong, Victoria, Australia where I began to go about rebuilding my life after my very sad loss.

Soon I realized that I found an inner strength that I never had before in all my life. I went about starting a new job and making a life for my self, although there were some trying times in which drained me emotionally. Then on the night before good Friday of 1996 I was in a deep sleep, the telephone was beside my bed. I was suddenly woken by the ringing of the telephone, upon picking up the receiver I said what a person would normally say and that is hello. To my absolute amazement there without any doubt in my own mind was my mothers voice simply saying my name.

I cannot tell people about the fact that I was wide awake and alert because I am greeted with somewhat ignorant comments and disbelief. But this happened, I know in my own heart it happened.

There is a foot note to this story:
Ssometime after this experience again I woke from a deep sleep and standing in the doorway of my room was my mother, again I leave the decision as to weather or not people believe me, it's up to them but I know it happened.

Victoria, Australia
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