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The Picture

Colorado, USA
October 1998

Several years ago my grandfather ran a little resort near Leadville, Colorado. He used to tell me stories as a small child about the old deserted cabins on top of the mountain. He told stories of the people lived up there and how different life use to be in those days. Back then there was nothing but the people and the land.

Many people would build their cabins around the area and stay there until they died. He used to always talk about one house in particular. No one was ever allowed access to the road to these houses and cabins but my grandfather, so one day when I was a few years older he took me up there to see them. I had taken my camera to take pictures of the cabins and the surroundings. It was very beautiful and peaceful up there and no one had lived up there in decades. As we went to all the cabins I shot pictures and looked around inside them. We found a few antique bottles which turned out to be worth a fairly good sum of money. Well when we finally came to the one house he had always talked about I started snapping pictures of it. We then went inside. When we first went in the house my grandfather felt very nervous and I could see his face turn pale. Right when we walked in, a very old paper fell off a table that sat in the middle of the kitchen. Which was odd because there was no wind or breeze that day. There was no sink or plumbing for that matter. The toilet was situated in the front doorway. We looked around and found nothing specific except for a very old lady's boot. The house looked like a mess inside. The wallpaper was so dirty you couldn't see the print and it was hanging off the walls as if something had ripped it down. The stairs going upstairs were smashed down in the middle of the staircase. I asked my Grandfather what had happened in this house. He said that the story was that the man of the house had killed his whole family including his 3 month old baby. The story was never confirmed but it had circulated. Back in that day people used to have to bury their trash in holes they dug in the ground. As they story went the man buried his family in a "dump" somewhere near his house but no one was ever able to find the dump in which his family was buried.

We searched for a little while but to no success. A couple of days later we went to go get the film developed. When we got the pictures back I was looking through them just to see how they turned out. When I got to the pictures of the house that my Grandfather had always talked about I saw something I could not believe. There was a woman, her face, her arms and her body were all grey like a T.V. show in black and white standing in the window. In every picture she just stood there as if she was watching us. Unfortunately I do not have the picture in my possession any more. I can definitely say seeing her in those pictures sent chills up my spine.

Another thing I would like to add to this story is that a few years later someone finally found that dump. There were quite a few bones in it that looked very much like human bones but they were never taken anywhere to be confirmed. No heads were ever found.....

Colorado, USA
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