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The Presence of Evil

Kim Olson, Washington, USA
September 1998

The first house we had while I was growing up I believe was haunted or something of that nature. The elderly couple that lived in it before us her husband had a heart attack in the bathtub and died. But of course no-ones tells me this until years later when I'm almost an adult. Well, I'd say I started noticing things around the age of 8. A year after my sister was born. At night I would wake up and there would be a white glowing like figure standing at the foot of my bed, and other times there would be a dark ugly gnome like figure. As the years went on I figured the white one was my guardian angel. And of course this would freak me out and I'd pull the covers up over my head and wish it to go away. And peep out every once in awhile to see if it had left. I used to run into my mom and dads room bawling and scared to death. But she would tell me to shut up. And that I was being stupid. And tell me to go back to bed. My parents tried to pretend that we were this wonderful catholic practicing family. We use to have all those little dish like things hanging around the house with holy water in them and statures of Mary and pictures of Jesus. But I had a problem believing in God, probably because nobody would really explain who he was and the other reason was if he was so great then why was I being visited by these scary things and why was my mommy so mean?

But along with the ghost of the dead man I also believe that maybe a force of good and evil were trying to make claims in the house hold. There's one other evening in question that I will never forget as long as I live. And I am now 36. I had come home from school that final day of the year and my report card was horrible and I was scared to death of what my mother was going to do. So I contemplated suicide at the ripe old age of 12. (Shame on me) I know. But I lived in fear all the time I was one of the lucky children to have a (mommy dearest). Well anyway, evening came, late evening I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom coloring or drawing; I had just the lamp on by my bed. And the house was very quiet everyone had gone to bed. Well I started to feel like kind of cold and my hair on my arms and stuff started to rise. I looked around because it felt as though someone was watching me. But my curtains were closed and I could not see anything outside so I returned to my desk. But out of the corner of my eye, I was catching movement, I looked over at the bathrobe hanging on the back of my bedroom door; the arm of it was moving up and down. I rubbed my eyes, and my mind is saying "this is not happening!" But it was, I touched it and it raised out of my hand. (I'm getting the ebbiejeebies all over again just writing about it.) Anyway, I reach down and open my door; mom and dads room is across from mine but their door is shut. And I turn to look back into my bedroom and "Oh my, there's a hand! A shadow of a hand on my lamp shade moving around, I am just shaking at this point and think its got to be my imagination, but then my closet is open just a tiny bit and my red slickers arm is starting to poke in and out of the closet. And then a knife is poking in and out of the closet. Once again I'm contemplating running into my parents room as I stand there crying and shaking with fear. But I don't. I crawl into bed and reach down and yank the cord out of the wall where the lamp is plugged in. Then with covers pulled all the way up and down just enough for my eyes to peer out. The glow from my digital clock. I see little elf and gnome like creatures running around my room laughing and sneering at me, and stabbing each other with knives and standing on the foot of my bed stabbing the knives into my feet. And in front of me on my desk top there is this big blob like thing that is a yellowish green tint just grinning and sneering, and laughing. This is it I thought I'm scared to death almost frozen I've got to get out of here. I make a dash for my parents room and can't even really remember what I was saying, I was talking gibberish I guess and then the fact that mom and dad are laughing and find it quite hilarious did not help. Finally I think my dad could see that I was scared out of my wits! And all the commotion had awakened my little sister so my dad and her go into my room to sleep and still shaking like a tree in a wind storm I'm to sleep with my mom. Sleep? Yea, right. I never went to sleep that night and I never stopped shaking. And those creatures followed me in there to. And after that my mom took me in to see a nuttzo doctor. And no that didn't help either. There was something in that house and it was after me. But as the years went on and I finally excepted our lord and savior Jesus Christ the episodes depleted but I still occasionally seen the white figure that would stand soundlessly over me at night. We moved from that house when I was 16.

Kim Olson, Washington, USA
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