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The Queen Mary Ship

Karla, CA, USA
January 2006

I’ve been reading a lot of stories here in Castle of Spirits so I decided to write one of my own experiences. I’ve had a few but I find this one kind of interesting. And to let you know it’s all real. It happened to me last week when I went to visit the Queen Mary Ship.

I’m pretty sure people have heard of the Queen Mary Ship it’s located in Long Beach California. I live in Los Angeles, which is about like 20 to 30 minutes away from the ship. Well every October the Queen Mary has like a little amusement park called "Ship Wrecked". Except it just has Haunted Mazes and has a few mazes inside the ship. I happened to go last week because I was always fascinated with the ships history and because I love haunted mazes.

My cousin told me when we were on line waiting to get in that he saw this show that I guess a few people go to investigate haunted places in the world. Well one show was about the Queen Mary Ship. My cousin told me that the Investigators went to one part of this ship which is where the pool area is. It’s known to be haunted by a little girl. The investigators heard a little girl say "Come play with me" they were shocked for what heard, one of the Investigators said "Can you repeat that?" and again the voice of the little girl repeated "Come play with me". That’s pretty freaky and pretty weird. I didn’t quite believe that at first but I was like whatever.

Ok now going to the story. I was at the Queen Mary with my Cousin, his fianc?, his fianc?s brother, and two little nephews of mine. We were already done with the outside mazes so we went to the ship to start the ship’s mazes. We were walking and one of the Mazes was where the pool of this ship is located. My cousin was with my two little nephews and my Cousins fianc?s brother was behind him and Me and my cousins fianc? were behind my cousins fianc?s brother (yes confusing but bare with me though). As we were walking through the pool area they didn’t have that scary music in that are of the maze and I remember what my cousin told me about the little girl and to joke around I decided to say "Come play with me" out loud (wrong thing to do) and all of us specifically heard a little girls voice say "Come play with me" a few seconds after I said that!... NO LIE!! There was a Security guy there and a fake Monster they also heard what we heard. Everyone just looks at each other, and runs the heck out of there. We were even passing the monsters and other people to get out of there. And my nephews were screaming and crying because they knew the story. My cousin was like what the heck just happen?! I replied by saying "uhh we heard the little girl? Well I thought it was very funny at the end that it happened to us. I never thought it would happen especially to me because I didn’t believe that story my cousin told me. I think they closed that maze after. But it was a fun experience. I would go again but this time I won’t say any thing and just enjoy the other monsters scaring me instead. But actually I’d probably would say something again just to see if it happens again but who knows if they’ll have another maze down there. This was the first year they put one there.

Well this was my experience hope you enjoyed it and believe me this is no lie!! It’s all real. Thanks for reading :)

Karla, CA, USA
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