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The Queen of Spades

Marina Samodova, Ontario, Canada
September 2000

When it was my dad's birthday my friend and I decided to call up a spirit named "The Queen of Spades". This was very popular among children like us in our country, Russia.

There were only two props needed. A red or brown lipstick and a pocket-sized mirror. All you had to do was draw some stairs on the mirror with the lipstick and wait for a small black dot, which was to be believed the queen of spades, to appear on the stairs. You had to wait quite some time for the dot to appear. So we sat down in my parent's room and drew the stairs and waited for the mysterious queen of spades to appear.

Suddenly my friend cried out and pointed to a black dot slightly hovering above the stairs and moving very slowly down them. We both got scared out of our wits and erased the lipstick with water. We did this because if the tiny black dot came all the way down the stairs, it was to be believed that it would appear full length and choke you to death if you stopped telling her all kinds of stories for the rest of your life.

After that, believe it or not, there was a shadow of her on a white wall in my parent's bedroom. There were only the shoulders and the head. After that experience we never called up the queen of spades again.

Marina Samodova, Ontario, Canada
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