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The Rearrangement

Jessie, Rhode Island, USA
August 2006

My Husband and I have lived in New York for all of our lives. We were born there, got married there, etc.
About two years after our marriage, we decided we needed a change. We adored the look of the old antique houses in Rhode Island. We found one house just a bit off the coast, It was very old circa 1832. The owners before us left some old furniture in a room, from the owners before them. They told us that they felt something odd about that room, like a cool breeze every time they went in the room. I though absolutely nothing of it. Its an old house, so maybe there is a hole in the wall somewhere. Ghosts never crossed my mind.

A few weeks later, we moved all of the furniture out of the room into the attic. I thought it would be a perfect room for my daughter Amy. We put all of her furniture in and got her settled in. That night, Amy stayed up late in the living room, watching "Home Alone 3". My husband and I went to sleep in our room, and Amy slept on the couch that night. I woke up at about 3:00 in the morning hearing thumping and footsteps coming from Amy's room. I thought it was just Amy leaving the couch and going to her room. I fell back to sleep.
The next morning I went to wake Amy up from her room because we had an appointment with out veterinarian for our pet bird. I opened the the door to the room and the room was exactly how it was before we moved Amy's furniture in. Every antique picture on the wall, every old chair, dresser, etc., was in the same exact spot that it had been a few nights ago. We were creeped out. What could have done this? I am a true believer in Ghosts, and I know for sure that Amy couldn't have done this. It was odd.
We found all of Amy's furniture in the attic, where we had left the old stuff. What happened?
I still ask myself that question today. If anyone has a similar story, PLEASE write to me.
I'm still confused.

Jessie, Rhode Island, USA
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