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The Red Ribbon

California, USA
June 1998

This is a very old story, that I heard when I was about 7 or 8 years old from my best friends grandfather, and have continued to pass the story on.

Kristi was a very good little girl, she always did well in school, and did exactly what her mommy told her, until one day, her mother told her never to go into the old stable on their ranch. Kristi was soon so curious that she couldn't help it. Kristi went into the stable, and came out with a red ribbon around her neck.

In elementary school, she had a little boyfriend named Jonathan. Kristi always wore the red ribbon, and never took it off. Jonathan asked her why she never took the ribbon off of her neck. All Kristi would say was "Time will come, and I will tell." Then, in high school, Kristi and Jonathan were still together, Jonathan asked again, "Why do you wear the red ribbon around your neck?" Kristi just said " Time will come, and I will tell." For years and years this went on, and Kristi always said the same thing. Finally, Jonathan asked her one more time, "Kristi, why do you wear the red ribbon around your neck?" Kristi then took another red ribbon out of her dresser, and tied it around Jonathan's neck, saying a weird chant. She told him that since he asked so many times, and would not except her answer, that he would live through it. "Watch carefully," she said, " for this will soon become of you." Kristi untied the ribbon, and her head came loose, and rolled on the floor. Jonathan was terrified, He replaced her head, and the ribbon. Kristi was dead, but they all say she died of natural causes. No one ever bothered to listen to Jonathan's story.

California, USA
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