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The Rent House

Michie, TX, USA
July 2005

When I was around 4-5 years old, my mother and father moved into a rental property in China Springs, TX. We only lived there for several months becasue of all the strange and downright scary stuff that occurred during our tenure there.

I was very young but I am still able to recall most of the things that happened to me personally and my mom filled in the gaps with things that happened to her.

Okay... on with story.

My first experience may not seem scary to most, but to a little kid it was horrifying.

I had this picture of Jesus in my room and I was always scared of it. His eyes seemed to look right at me and I always protested when I was sent to bed for fear that I was being watched by something in that picture. I always had terrible nightmares in that house and would run into my parents room in the middle of the night for fear that the creatures in my dreams would somehow come after me if I stay alone in that room one minute more. My most intriguing experience came when I was put to bed early one summer evening around 7 o'clock. The sky was still lit by the sun that was beginning to dip over the horizon. I was laying in bed and fidgeting, as most kids that age do when put to bed before their energy has been expended. I suddenly got the urge to sit up and look out the window. Big mistake. As I looked outside I saw something that still blows me away to this day and that some people don't believe. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. I saw a German Shepherd in my front yard. This was not your run of the mill dog however. It was hovering about 12-18 inches off the ground and was transparent. It was barking at me but I don't recall ever actually hearing any sound coming out of its mouth. At the time I don't recall being too terribly afraid and I just laid back down.

Other times I would be sitting in the living room watching TV with my parents and would sense that there was something in the hallway. I would hide behind my dad's rocking chair and just point to the hallway and cower. My parent's didn't disbelieve me but they themselves couldn't see or sense what I could. That's the extent of experiences in that house.

My mom had many more than I did and she told me about them when I got older.

She told me that she would see shadows running up and down the hallway. There were no windows in the hall and the door were usually kept closed. After seeing these things racing up and down the hall she would come into my room and tell me to stop running through the house. When she got in there she said that I was under my bed playing with my toys and coloring books. There was no way it could have been me running through the house.

When we would have company over the door to my mom's bedroom would open and close by itself scaring the wits out of all the people we had at our house.

My mom always had things get moved on her. One time she had some money to pay a bill and it disappeared. She found it a few weeks later in the pocket of her winter coat that she hadn't worn in 5 or 6 months. Those were the minute things that were more of an annoyance than just plain scary. The incident that caused my mom to get the church involved was something that I hope I never ever experience for myself.

One night my mom was laying in bed with my dad. It was pretty late she said. My dad was already asleep and my mom was just beginning to doze off. Out of the corner of her eye she saw this huge black shadowy figure in the doorway. She said it must have been 7-9 feet tall. It stood there watching her for a few seconds. My mom thought she was just seeing the shadow of a street light outside and let it go. All of the sudden this thing started to slowly walk across the room to my mom's side of the bed. I think she was more in awe at the moment than scared. After it walked across that room, it bent down and tried to touch my mom. She screamed and woke my dad up who nearly fell out of the bed. A moment later it disappeared. That was the last straw. She got the church involved and did some searching on the history of the house.

The pastor at the church thought it was a demon or a poltergeist. He believe that it was coming in and out of the house through a dresser with a mirror on it. I think thats a bunch of baloney personally, but that was the consensus agreement.

We found out that the house had been built over an old barn that was used in Satanic sacrificial rituals. That may explain that dog I saw. The church blessed the house with oil and supposedly the demon left. My mom said that after the Pastor finished his prayer the front door opened and slammed shut. We moved soon after.

Well that about does it for this story. My mom has had several other things happen to her as have I but I'll save those for another time.

Michie, TX, USA
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