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The Rocking Chair (2)

January 2001

I have a true story which involves my great-grandmother's house (it's actually a trailer).

As far back as I can remember when I was little, I used to go and see my grandparents a lot, and I still do see my grandmother, as my grandpa died when I was twelve. And I always remember my grandpa sitting in his rocking chair and watching sports, or horror movies that happened to be on. Not the horror movies of today, but the old classic ones, or silent films. Another thing about my grandfather (and me strangely enough) is that he liked it cold in his house. Even during the winter, he loved it when it was cold, and only I could relate to him on that.

Finally he died when I was twelve, and this story takes three years later. I still spend time with my grandmother, as only her daughter does also. I remember one night during the summer I wasn't able to fall asleep. It may have been the heat, because during the summer in Santa Paula, it gets really hot. So I got up to get a glass of Coca-Cola (not really helpful for going to sleep, but I like coke) and I saw the rocking chair rocking itself. I thought this rather odd and a little eerie myself. I went hurriedly to get something to drink, when I felt the temperature go down drastically. I stepped out of the kitchen and into the living room, when suddenly the TV turned on by itself. The movie was Dracula, and now I was stunned. I just stood there for probably six minutes when I was tapped on the shoulder. My grandma asked me why I was up so late, and told me to turn off the TV. I told her that the chair was rocking and she asked me why the thermostat was so low. I told her I couldn't get any sleep, and she said that her husband would watch TV when he couldn't sleep, and turn down the heat. Although this never happened again, I wish I could have seen my grandpa at least.

Whenever I go there now though, I never go anywhere after dark, and usually I go straight to sleep. Nothing personal, just that whole event scared the heck out of me.

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