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The Room

Shirl, New South Wales, Australia
July 2006

In June of this year I traveled to Tasmania to stay with a friend. I have never been there before and I found it a lovely place. She has rented a quaint, two storey, federation style house for over a year now. As you venture through the back of the house you start in their laundry. Off the laundry is also the bathroom. Through this laundry there is a long hallway that faces the front door. Branching off this hallway are 6 separate doors. Down the right face of the hallway there are three bedrooms. On the opposite side is the kitchen, dining and lounge room consecutively.

Outside the room I stayed in was a manhole leading up to the second story of the house. This manhole revealed the upstairs area to be unfinished by previous owners. There were curtains on the windows and a distinct layer of dust on everything present. The reason they ceased work on this area of the house is unknown to me.

Upon arriving at the house on Friday night, my friend and I sat up late talking. By 1.30am I was tired (of course not seeing my friend for sometime we sat up late every night talking) and went to the room to go to bed, as I passed the closed off fireplace in the room a very creepy feeling came over me. I put this down to being in a new place and tired from the flight. I went to sleep quickly. I might add at this time although the house was cold the room I was in was always at least ten degrees colder than the rest of the house.

On Saturday we went to Port Arthur (a convict penal colony) so that night I put the raspy whisperings and creepy feelings down to the creepiness of the place we had been, and went to sleep.

Monday night as I entered the room there was a bad smell, sort of like compost coming from the fireplace. As I passed it I got the sensation that there was something about to grab me. I climbed in to bed facing the wall with my back to the fireplace. I then felt someone sit near the head of my head and stroke my hair. This did not scare me (I've been able to sense spirits since I was very young). The feeling that something was right behind me about to touch me did scare me (let me just say that I have never been this scared or felt that kind of evil from spirit world before or since). Just at that point I heard a hissing sound kind of like a cat, coming from the head of the bed where the "good" spirit was sitting. At that point the bad smell and evil spirit seemed to retreat back into the fireplace. All the while the good spirit stroked my hair lolling me to sleep.

Nothing ever happened during the day.

Tuesday night I sensed the good spirit as soon as I entered the room but as I passed the fireplaces the smell and that feeling of being reached for was back.

As I settled in to bed I felt the good spirit sit in her spot above my head, stroking my hair. After lying there for sometime I finally feel asleep, only to be woken at about 3.30am. I felt as though the room and I were being cooked (it was normally ice cold). I took my pyjamas off, put my dressing gown on and went to the door. At first I could not open it. After several attempts it opened. I left the room and sat in the dining room for about an hour. After this I went back to my room and asked it why it was doing this to me. As I asked the question the room went back to its icy cold state (yes I was scared at this point). The time was now 5am so I decided to stay up.

Wednesday night was my last night in this room. I decided to get my things together as we were going camping the next night. While I was packing I had a heater in the room with me and the door closed. The only warmth I received was from sitting right in front of the heater. When I had finished packing I climbed into bed, trying to ignore the room and its creepiness I did my best to go to sleep. I awoke at about 3am needing to visit the toilet. As I tried to get up it felt like something was sitting on me. I could feel the good spirit trying to keep me calm but it was not working, the evil presence wanted me gone or worse so I was just about to yell for my friend when I heard her partner open their bedroom door. At that point the evil and bad smell seemed to seep back into the fireplace all was well again. I was very glad that I did not have to spend another night in that room.

My girlfriend is moving soon so I don't ever have to be in that room ever again.

Shirl, New South Wales, Australia
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